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A Typical School Day

We provide an extended day for our children, which starts at 8.30am and ends at 3.30pm (Mon-Thurs) and 3pm (Fri).

Thanks to The Timpson Foundation, we offer a free breakfast club from 8am.
After school care is available on request.(chargeable)

A typical day at Oak View Academy is as follows

Nursery session ends
Key Skills
Infant/Junior lunch
Infant Break
Class Novel/Story time
Enrichment time
End of the day

Our Curriculum is more than just learning...

Helping all our children fulfil their potential in every way is at the heart of our comprehensive and innovative education programme.

We are proud to deliver creative and stimulating learning, which engages children of all backgrounds and abilities.
As a new school, we are making significant improvements and are well on our way to becoming outstanding.
Our success is based on an equal partnership between children, parents and the school.
Learning at Oak View is broad and balanced and fulfils all National Curriculum requirements.
Teaching is structured to allow for as many creative opportunities as possible.
Children regularly enjoy curriculum-related days out, are taught phonics and reading on a daily basis, and undertake key-skills sessions to practice mental maths, handwriting and spelling.

We pride ourselves on developing the values of Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-Violence within all our children. This ethos underpins our British values at Oak View.

We are focusing our energies into helping children understand how to become effective learners in 2017-18 so that they can further improve.

Curriculum and Ethos

Staff have identified the key skills our children should be taught. Alongside the EYFS curriculum, these form an important part of our focus within Acorn Pre-school and Juniper class (Reception).

Learning takes place in single year classes and children are encouraged to work in partnership with their teacher.
In addition to building pupils’ academic knowledge, we focus on a wide range of practical skills, which enable them to become skilled independent learners.
We are enthusiastic about being part of the Primary Writing Project, which aims to raise standards in writing by using innovative teaching methods.

Each term we publish a curriculum outline which explains what each class will be covering, and gives information on homework tasks.
Should you have any questions about what your child is learning please contact his or her teacher. Further details are on the homepage of each class.

Curriculum Details

Oak View Curriculum plan 17-18

Spanish- children in Y1-6 learn Spanish each week.

Year GroupAutumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Cedar Class (Y1)Greetings and being Polite in Spanish
Classroom Insrtructions
Numbers 1-6
Parts of the body
Colours and Animals
Oso Marron – Brown bear by Eric Carle
Numbers 1-10/12
Fruits and vegetables
the seaside
Maple Class (Y2)Numbers 1-30
Shapes maps and Flags
Parts of the Body De la Cabeza a los pies by Eric Carle
animals and habitats
Noahs Arc – making a mini book
Querido Zoo – Dear Zoo story /Going on a bear hunt story
Seasons – months dates
making a season tree
Willow Class (Y3)Revision of numbers, days, colours, & dates
Saying how you feel
Starting to read Spanish
My Pencil Case –nouns
Animals and Colours
Important Verbs
Food and Opinions
The hungry Caterpillar project
Sycamore Class (Y4)Numbers 1-39
Birthday Celebrations
Making Invitations-
Shapes and prepositions
Parts of the Body
Looking at the art of Miro and Picasso and creating our own
Adjectives to describe personality
The Giant Turnip Story
Hawthorn & Oak Classes
Revision of Numbers 1-31
Birthday Celebrations
Making Invitations
Shapes and prepositions
Parts of the Body
Looking at the art of Miro and Picasso and creating our own
Sports, Music and Opinions


Ethos and Values