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Pupil Premium - a helping hand

Children from lower-income families are making great strides at Oak View Academy thanks to a Government funding scheme called Pupil Premium.

Eligible pupils, who also receive free school meals, benefit from an additional £1,320 which is paid to the school.

We spend the money in a variety of productive ways, from helping create smaller classes to improving resources and learning tools for teachers.

Our performance tables demonstrate how we successfully apply the Pupil Premium to ensure all our children get an equal start in their education.

How we use the additional funding...

In 2016-17 we received £106,920 for the 60% of Oak View children who have been getting free school meals during the last six years. In 2017-18 we have received £109,560, which represents 51% of our children.

Key things we do to get real value from the Pupil Premium:

  • WE MAKE learning easier for children through the provision of smaller classes.
  • WE SUPPORT children in the classroom with the use of additional qualified adults including a counsellor.
  • WE DELIVER extra programmes to those who need more help. For example, we have reading volunteers, small booster groups and do some one-to-one tuition.
  • WE ALLOCATE funding to allow all pupils access to extended school activities and clubs.
  • WE EMPLOY our own Speech and Language Therapist, as this is an area of difficulty for many of our children.

Since September 2014, we have used the Pupil Premium to pay for resources, which help develop children’s mental maths, spelling and handwriting skills.

The extra funds have also been used to equip staff to support children even more effectively than before.

Among other things, they have been trained to use Numicon, run proven maths interventions, use models and images to develop understanding in Maths, use a whole school spelling scheme to support the development of spelling, and to apply Phonics to improve reading and writing.

Since Easter 2015, it has also helped us participate in the two-year Primary Writing Project, which focuses on high-quality training for staff in the development of writing and which has given the children a passion for writing.

From September 2017, we are using this money to pay for a full time speech and language therapist to support our children’s language development.

We're seeing the results...

The impact of the Pupil Premium is carefully tracked throughout the year using the termly assessments. Our next pupil premium strategy review will be held in January 2018.  Our children have made great progress:

Reading: Children in receipt of Pupil Premium have mostly made equal or better progress than their counterparts so that there is a higher proportion of Pupil Premium children achieving age related expectations. The gap has virtually closed in most year groups and has closed in year 6.

Writing: Most children have made equal or better progress than their counterparts, which is helping to bridge the gap. The gap has virtually closed in several year groups.

Maths: Most children have made equal or better progress than their counterparts, which is helping to bridge the gap. The gap has virtually closed in several year groups.

Year 6: Attainment – In 2016, children for whom we receive Pupil Premium did as well as their counterparts in reading, were in line with national in mathematics but did not do as well in writing. The school is working on diminishing this difference in writing in 2017 so that a higher % of children are in line with national in July 2017.

Progress: Our Pupil Premium children made equal progress from the end of KS1 to KS2 in writing (+1.8, all Y6 +1.8) as those who don’t get the Pupil Premium; made better progress than their counterparts in Maths (+2.0, all Y6 +1.5); and nearly as good progress in reading (+5.5, all Y6 +6.0).

Barriers: our children’s attendance can act as a barrier to progress when they don’t attend school every day. We work with our families and the Education Welfare Officer to improve this.

At Oak View Academy we are passionately committed to helping every child achieve their full potential – regardless of background or ability.