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Termly Newsletter

Dear Parent/Carers,
Welcome to Acorn Pre-school!

Mrs Alford, Mrs Woodall, Mrs Owen and Mrs Williams would like to give a warm welcome back to all the children as they settle into a new term in the Acorn Preschool. Also welcome to all new children who have joined us.

To help them each day, please could you remember to send in:
– A named, filled water bottle;
– The purple book bag;
– A waterproof coat (we enjoy playing outside in all weathers).
– A sunhat and suncream (during hot weather) and
– Gloves, hat and scarf (during cold weather)

To support your child with any self-care needs, we ask that where needed, you provide us with a change of clothing for the lower half,  in case of a toilet accident or just too much wet play!

Your child will be enjoying a PE lesson every Tuesday morning with our Sports Coach, James, this year. No special PE clothing is required.

The children will be enjoying a wide range of activities throughout the term which will include themes such as: growth: food and vegetables – including The Enormous Turnip; transport, including planes; growth: eggs, baby farm animals.

 We will also follow the children’s interests. Please feel free to share with us any interest that your child is showing at home. We are also planning some exciting visits and visitors including a visit to our local farmer Rosie, at Weaver Dairy House Farm to meet the new born lambs, a visit to the Manchester Airport Runway Visitors centre to see the planes up close, and even hatching out some of our own chicks in the classroom.

You will be able to see how your child is getting on in Acorn Pre-school by looking at Facebook, Twitter or logging in to your child’s ‘Learning Book’ online, using the details that have been provided by the teachers.

We work hard to make your child’s time at Nursery a happy and stimulating experience. If you have any concerns, we are very happy to speak to you before or after Nursery.

Mrs Alford, Mrs Woodall & Mrs Owen


Once staff have had time to get to know your child/children and have completed their baseline assessments, they will plan for the next stage of their development. This will form a Medium term plan, the focus for learning in each half term.

Please click on the links below to download the Acorn Preschool Medium Term Plan.

Theme plan Autumn 1

Theme plan Autumn 2

Theme plan Spring 1