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Aspirations week in Cedar

This week has been aspirations week across the school. On Monday we had a talk about different jobs in the NHS and that there are no gender roles in the NHS and women can be doctors and men can be nurses. We all designed our own doctor and nurse.

We have finished looking at the seasons this week and have made our own seasons wheel and painted how the trees look in each season.


Miss Griffin

Another busy week in Cedar

It has been another busy week in Cedar this week!

On Thursday we had our changeover morning where Cedar went to Mrs Coe in Maple Class to get used to how it will be in September when they are in year 2.

On Tuesday we had Daniel Mordern and a musician come in to tell us two stories using a violin to help. We helped with singing and saying parts of the story.

On Friday we had the Chester Brass Band come in and we learnt about their instruments and listened to them play some songs.

As well as this we have been looking at money this week in maths and can work out simple problems with notes and coins.

Portal World’s in Cedar

In English this week we have been working on our portal world stories and this has meant we have had to create and draw new portal's and our own world!

In maths we have been continuing to look at numbers to 100.

In Science we have been looking at the different seasons and what happens to the trees in the different seasons.

In Topic we have been looking around the school for human and physical features.

Miss Griffin

Cedar’s geography week

We have been looking at the human and physical features of maps and the world around us. We have been using Google Earth to explore where Winsford is in the world and what continent we live in.

In English this week we have been looking at different portals and have been describing them using adjectives. We have looked at editing out work to make it better.

In Maths we have been looking at numbers up to 100! We have been doing lots of hands on work to compare the numbers.

All turn in Cedar

This week in maths we have been looking at position and direction and have been playing lots of games making sure we are using the correct language. Cedar have really enjoyed this and giving their friends directions.

In English we have been exploring our book Mary Poppins and have been interviewing and describing characters this week.

It was sports day on Monday and everyone joined in and really enjoyed themselves!


On Thursday we designed fruit kebabs and on Friday we made and ate them!

Cedar’s first week back

What a busy first week back!!

In maths we have been looking at finding halves and a quarter of different numbers and have been using lots of apparatus to help!

In English we have started our topic on Mary Poppins and have learnt the story map and worked on speech and thought bubbles.

We have been doing lots of phonics before the Phonics Screen next week, please read with your child over the weekend!

In topic we have looked at the parts of the plant again and practiced for sports day ready for Monday!


Miss Griffin 

Wedding fever in Cedar

We have done a lot to explore and celebrate the royal wedding! We have designed wedding dresses, a wedding outfit for Cedar Bear and cakes and made chocolate mint leaves, which could decorate a cake. We looked at why people get married and different types of weddings. We also married our Cedar Bear to Maples bear Snuggles George. We then had a school party and watched the wedding.

In maths this week we have finished looking at groups and counting in arrays and then started looking at finding a half.

We have been measuring our sunflowers ready to take home to see who's can grow the most and win the prize!

Please read and practice phonics sounds with your child over half term.


Miss Griffin

Cedar’s week

This week we have been doing story map tennis! Why not play at home with your child's favourite book?

In maths we have been getting ourselves, objects and images into equal groups and using this to help us count!

In topic we have been measuring our sunflowers and seeing how our plant experiment is going.

We also used our legs to measure how tall different trees are!

Still planting in Cedar

This week in maths we have finished looking at adding and making equal groups and we have started looking at what arrays are and the rows and columns.

In Science we have been measuring our own sunflowers and have a new experiment we are doing with growing pees.

We have one pea seed with no water, one with no soil, one with no light and one which has all of the above and we are going to see which grows best!

In English we have finished Hansel and Gretel and wrote some amazing versions of the story ourselves.

Well done to the children who have their bronze 100 house point awards.

Cedar go to Reaseheath

In maths we have finished looking at capacity and volume this week and have been looking at lots of hands on measuring!

In English we pretended (only if we wanted to have a go) to be in Hansel's cage! We came up with some brilliant adjectives to describe!

On Thursday we went to Reaseheath college and looked at different animals and their habitats. We also measured different trees using only our bodies!