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Cedar’s week

This week we have been doing story map tennis! Why not play at home with your child's favourite book?

In maths we have been getting ourselves, objects and images into equal groups and using this to help us count!

In topic we have been measuring our sunflowers and seeing how our plant experiment is going.

We also used our legs to measure how tall different trees are!

Still planting in Cedar

This week in maths we have finished looking at adding and making equal groups and we have started looking at what arrays are and the rows and columns.

In Science we have been measuring our own sunflowers and have a new experiment we are doing with growing pees.

We have one pea seed with no water, one with no soil, one with no light and one which has all of the above and we are going to see which grows best!

In English we have finished Hansel and Gretel and wrote some amazing versions of the story ourselves.

Well done to the children who have their bronze 100 house point awards.

Cedar go to Reaseheath

In maths we have finished looking at capacity and volume this week and have been looking at lots of hands on measuring!

In English we pretended (only if we wanted to have a go) to be in Hansel's cage! We came up with some brilliant adjectives to describe!

On Thursday we went to Reaseheath college and looked at different animals and their habitats. We also measured different trees using only our bodies!

Measuring in Cedar

This week we have been looking at measuring both mass (weight) and volume. Its been very hands on and we're been also looking at solving problems using measuring too!

We have also been continuing to look after our Sunflower seeds and looking for other plants on the field and in the nature area. We were identifying the ones we found and are looking out for any more that we find!

On Friday we went to Church and looked at the features of a Church and then we asked George the vicar some questions about Churches and Christianity.

Please continue to read with your child and practice the phonics words!


Miss Griffin

Sunflowers in Cedar

Wow what a busy first week back!

On Monday we had to work out who had been in our class room over the Easter holidays and leave a trail of bread and another trail of stones!

We had some interesting ideas from the dragon we looked after, to a bread and stone monster to a duck school!

We found out on Thursday it was actually Hansel and Gretel, the book we will be looking at until half term.

On Tuesday we started measuring using non-standard units of measure- such as hands, cubes and counters. It was really fun but not that effective!

On Wednesday we started looking at plants and flowers that are grown in the United Kingdom- what they are called and what they look like.

On Thursday we planted our own sunflower seeds! We are going to look after them in school for a few weeks then they are going home to see whose can grow the highest! We also measured using a ruler and used cm's which works much better!


On Friday we had a circle time about listening to others and we found out what everybody got up to over the holidays.


Please read with your child over the weekend.


Miss Griffin

Cedar’s last full week.

What a busy week we have had in Cedar!

We have finished looking at the Three Little Pigs and we all wrote our own stories based on the Three Little Pigs.

In maths we have finished looking at numbers up to 50 and have started to count in 2s and will look at 5s next week.

Some children took part in a tag rugby tournament on Thursday and had lots of fun and came joint 3rd!

On Friday we all wore our own clothes and worked really well in PSHCE with sharing.


Miss Griffin 

Cedar’s making week

This week in English we have continued looking at the three little pigs and made our own house of bricks, like Betty Pig in the story. We then wrote instructions for another child to make them.

In topic this week we have continued looking at the Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys- like him we made up our own secret code to write messages to our friends!

On Friday we had a toy maker come in and we made our own toys! We also had a look at some old fashioned toys and what children used to play with in the past.


Cedar make an umbrella

In Maths this week we have been looking at showing numbers 21-50 in different ways and finding 1 more. Over the weekend ask your child what is 1 more than a given number, we managed to work out 1 more than 743 on our own!


In English we have been looking at the different characters in the Three Little Pigs and using adjectives to describe them, we even looked at other fairy tale villains as well.


In Science we did an experiment to find out what material would be best for an umbrella for Cedar Bear, we tested different materials by pouring water over our heads, then we tried it over Miss Griffin's head!

We have also been looking at the Great Fire of London and how we would feel if it happened now.


Please remember PE kits Monday and Tuesday and swimming kits on Thursday.


Miss Griffin

Cedar’s World Book Day!

On Thursday everyone looked amazing for World Book Day! We also had a visit from an author who talked about stories and how important it is to read!

We have now started looking at our new topic the Great Fire of London! We had very interesting discussions about what London was like in 1666 and now.

In Maths we have started to look at numbers 21-50, what they look like and the difference between tens and ones.

In English we have started looking at the Three Little Pigs and made a news report!


Please remember PE kits Monday and Tuesday and swimming kits on Thursday.


Miss Griffin

Cedar’s busy week

Cedar have had a very busy week this week!

On Monday we played on the ice and snow and even though it was cold we had a great time!

We also had a visit from an author Mikka who told us a story using puppets, we then helped with part of the story and then had a go with the puppets. We then wrote about our puppet on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we designed and made jet packs, for ourselves or our Cedar Bear, using different materials. We had read about jet packs in the book Super Pigs.

On Wednesday we had Smile for a Mile and we all walked or ran a mile! It was cold and windy but we still smiled!

On Thursday we had swimming- what a lot of sport this week!

On our short day on Friday we only had time for Maths and English-which we have still managed to fit in with all our activities every day this week!


Please read with your child over the holidays and relax!

Miss Griffin