Cedar Class Blog

Cedar’s busy week

Cedar have had a very busy week this week!

On Monday we played on the ice and snow and even though it was cold we had a great time!

We also had a visit from an author Mikka who told us a story using puppets, we then helped with part of the story and then had a go with the puppets. We then wrote about our puppet on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we designed and made jet packs, for ourselves or our Cedar Bear, using different materials. We had read about jet packs in the book Super Pigs.

On Wednesday we had Smile for a Mile and we all walked or ran a mile! It was cold and windy but we still smiled!

On Thursday we had swimming- what a lot of sport this week!

On our short day on Friday we only had time for Maths and English-which we have still managed to fit in with all our activities every day this week!


Please read with your child over the holidays and relax!

Miss Griffin

Cedar’s arty week

Cedar have done a lot of art and design this week!

We have started making Andy Warhol inspired toy prints and learning all about Pop Art.

We have also been using different materials to make pieces of art. We used straws to make art by blowing on paint AND made straw bunting out of card. We used bottle tops to create a piece of art and used mesh and sponges to create different paintings.

We will be continuing the arty theme next week!

In English we finished our work on our Build a Bear visit and wrote our own recap. Before we did this we sequenced the day and planned how to write it in the right order.

In maths we have been finishing off looking at taking away numbers to 20 and have looked at finding the difference between two numbers.

Please remember PE kit for Monday and Tuesday and swimming kit on Thursday.


Miss Griffin

Cedar build a bear

Monday was our trip to the Build a Bear Factory where we choose and made a class bear! We started by choosing the fur and then we had to put the stuffing in. We then decided what characteristics we wanted the bear to have and all put in a love heart. Our next big decision was what clothes to have, we decided on two outfits!

In maths we have started to look at taking away numbers up to 20, we are looking at different ways to do this as we cannot always use our fingers!

In English we are looking at a trip recount text and will be writing our own trip recount from the Build a Bear Factory next week.


We looked at old fashioned toys in Science and Topic this week.

Cedar’s science week

We have had such a tired week that we needed a rest in the winter sun!

This week has been science week and we have done three experiments. On Monday we looked at how far we could stretch a gummy worm- we managed to stretch it to 85cm!

On Wednesday we looked for camouflaged animals in pictures and talked about how animals camouflage themselves. We did it as a race and managed it in just over 3 minutes!

On Friday we made a zip line for a teddy!

As well as all the science fun we have finished looking at This is the Bear in English and are looking at different ways to add to 20 in maths.

If anyone has any plastic bottles and lids- separate or together please can they bring them in for art.

Please remember PE kits on MONDAY and Tuesday and swimming kits on Thursday.


Thank you,


Miss Griffin

A sorting week in Cedar

In music on Monday we used musical instruments to play along to the song we are learning and we tried to find the beat and rhythm.


This week in science we sorted our toys into different categories. We choose different describing words that we have been learning about in English and different materials to sort them. Some toys fit into two of the same categories.

In maths we have been looking at adding numbers to 20. We did this by writing stories about different pictures that have more animals or dots arrive and then worked out the addition number sentence.

Cedars busy first week back!

What a busy first we back!

On Monday we did some paining and oil pastel work to make our front covers of our topic books.

On Wednesday we started to learn a new song in music and look at Blues music. We then made up some dance routines!

On Thursday we had our first swimming lesson of the year, we did very well, though we were very tired in the afternoon!

We started looking at parables in RE on Friday and role played the parable of the lost son.


As well as all of this, we started looking at our new book in English; This is the bear and in maths we have focused on numbers up to 20- comparing and describing.

Please remember PE kits next Tuesday!

Next Wednesday please can each child bring in their favourite toy for us to sort and describe in science.

Thank you,

Miss Griffin

Cedar’s last full week

Our Christmas play, Little Angel Finds her Wings was the big thing that happened this week and even though the music may have played up the rest went really well!


In maths this week we finished looking at shapes by going on a shape hunt! Looking for different 2D and 3D shapes around the school.

In English we have started to look at the poem Witch Witch, why don't you ask your child if they can remember it?


We are looking at Christmas biscuits in DT and have tasted, evaluated and designed our own before we make them next week!


Miss Griffin

Shape week in Cedar

In maths this week we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes! We even made some 3D nets with some help from our friends in year 6.

In English we have been writing our own instructions on how to look after different animals we saw at the zoo last week.

We have been practicing our Christmas Play lots and we are really looking forward to showing everyone next week.

On Friday we had Olympic gold medalist rower Tom James come in to show us his medals and talk to us.

Miss Griffin

Surprise in Cedar!

When we got to school on Monday morning we had a surprise! A dragon egg had been left for us to look after! We have been learning all about instructions in English so we can look after it when it hatches!

In Maths we have finished looking at addition and subtraction up to 10.

In science we have looked at what herbivores, omnivores and carnivores are and what animals go into the groups.

On Friday we had a lovely day at Chester Zoo looking at the Songbirds and all of the different animals.



Please remember PE kits on Tuesday and to read over the weekend.


Miss Griffin

Cedar at Blue Planet Aquarium

As well as our trip on Thursday we have also had a busy week in school!


We had another visit from Chester Zoo and we looked for birds outside on the field and learnt more about Songbirds.

In maths this week have we been looking at what equals means and working out different addition and subtraction problems.

Then on Thursday we went to the Blue Planet Aquarium we had a class room session first looking at different things that live in the sea. We all touched some shark skin, a turtle shell and stroked a live star fish! We then watched an aquatics show and watched some divers in a tank show us their equipment and feed some of the fish and animals. We had a quick look through the underwater walk way before lunch. After lunch we played in the park- which for some was the best part!

We then had a look at everything we had not seen, saw some stingrays being fed and then went home!

If your child has lines in the Christmas play please can you practice them with them! A letter will be going out shortly with what they need to wear.


Miss Griffin