Cedar Class Blog

Shape week in Cedar

In maths this week we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes! We even made some 3D nets with some help from our friends in year 6.

In English we have been writing our own instructions on how to look after different animals we saw at the zoo last week.

We have been practicing our Christmas Play lots and we are really looking forward to showing everyone next week.

On Friday we had Olympic gold medalist rower Tom James come in to show us his medals and talk to us.

Miss Griffin

Surprise in Cedar!

When we got to school on Monday morning we had a surprise! A dragon egg had been left for us to look after! We have been learning all about instructions in English so we can look after it when it hatches!

In Maths we have finished looking at addition and subtraction up to 10.

In science we have looked at what herbivores, omnivores and carnivores are and what animals go into the groups.

On Friday we had a lovely day at Chester Zoo looking at the Songbirds and all of the different animals.



Please remember PE kits on Tuesday and to read over the weekend.


Miss Griffin

Cedar at Blue Planet Aquarium

As well as our trip on Thursday we have also had a busy week in school!


We had another visit from Chester Zoo and we looked for birds outside on the field and learnt more about Songbirds.

In maths this week have we been looking at what equals means and working out different addition and subtraction problems.

Then on Thursday we went to the Blue Planet Aquarium we had a class room session first looking at different things that live in the sea. We all touched some shark skin, a turtle shell and stroked a live star fish! We then watched an aquatics show and watched some divers in a tank show us their equipment and feed some of the fish and animals. We had a quick look through the underwater walk way before lunch. After lunch we played in the park- which for some was the best part!

We then had a look at everything we had not seen, saw some stingrays being fed and then went home!

If your child has lines in the Christmas play please can you practice them with them! A letter will be going out shortly with what they need to wear.


Miss Griffin

Cedar’s animal hunts

Even though we have only four days this week it has been a very busy week!

On Wednesday we had a visitor from the Zoo come in and tell us about different songbirds from around the world, what they look and sound like and where they come from. We then had a go with binoculars at looking for song birds around the classroom.

Then on Thursday we used this to go and hunt for birds and mini beats on the field. We saw lots of different insects and birds and we ticked off what we saw.


As well as this we have been doing subtraction in maths and making our own characters in English!

Please remember your PE kits on Tuesday!


Miss Griffin

Cedar’s equality and diversity week!

This week has been equality and diversity week. On Monday we had the story teller Richard O'Neill come and tell us a story about a tiger who couldn't roar, which we helped to act out! He then showed us some of the toys and pegs that he makes out of wood.

In the afternoon we looked was what this meant and each child made a person with all their favourite things and their family on to show how diverse we all are!

On Wednesday we had a visit from Imran and he told us all about Islam, their clothing, their prayers and the 5 pillars of Islam.

On Thursday we had some musicians come in to play us their instruments and tell us all about them!

As well as this we have still had time for Maths and English!

InMaths this week we have looked at using a number line to help us add and now moved on to subtraction and have been making up subtraction stories for different pictures and situations.

In English we have started our new story called The Three Wishes and even interviewed some of the characters! Ask your child if they can act out the story for you!


Next Thursday we will be going into the wildlife area and the field as part of our science lesson so please can the children bring wellies or trainers so their feet do not get wet!


Miss Griffin

Cedar flying high!

This week in English we have been finishing off our Zoo poem work and everyone has written their own zoo poem!


In Maths we have been looking at adding together and doing our number bonds! Over half term see if your child can add any two numbers under 10 together- using physical objects if they get stuck!


In Science we were looking at birds this week and we all made our own bird and took them outside to fly. Ask your child what all birds have in common!

In RE this week we continued to look at the Christian story of creation and came up with some actions to remember what happened on each day.

We have been practicing for the last few weeks for our Harvest Festival performance and we were very excited to show the rest of the school and parents.


After half term please remember the children's PE kits on a Tuesday, to read with your children as often as possible and to get your child to do their homework and to hand it in on a Friday.


Have a lovely half term holiday.


Miss Griffin

Group work in Cedar Class

This week we have moved round the classroom so now all the children sit in tables and we are doing a lot a group work and sharing ideas!


In English this week we have been learning a Zoo Poem and learning to write with Colourful Semantics. We are think a lot about what we write before we write it now so our sentences can be the best!

In Maths we have been focusing on our number bonds and different numbers we can add together to make a number. We have been doing this through lots of different activities including Numicon, helping animals to share, hands and pegs! Ask your child if they can tell you all the ways to make 9!


We have also been looking at animals that live under the sea and amphibians in our topic and science lessons this week and have been practicing our song for the Harvest Festival!


Please remember to read with your child and to book for parents evening.


Miss Griffin

Cedar’s Weekly Reflection

This week in Cedar we have been doing a lot of maths using different objects such as ourselves!

We have been looking at the part part whole model and fact families, ask your child if they can tell you the fact family of 7!


In English and Topic this week we have carried on looking at our Animals theme which the children are really enjoying and they even wrote their own animal information text! We have also looked at animals (and Father Christmas!) who live in cold places.

We have been looking at reflection this week and each child has reflected and written what they are proud of. A lot of them included their families, school and being star of the day! It is really important that children reflect on what they are good at to build their self-esteem and to make them happier!


Please remember PE kits on a Tuesday and reading diaries and books to be in everyday and to read with your children.


Miss Griffin

Tiger time in Cedar!

What another busy week!

This week in Cedar we have been looking at tigers in English and we even had a visit from one and we asked lots of different questions! Why not ask your child to show you the actions to our Tiger Story Map?


In maths we have finished our place value unit and have looked at 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th in lots of different ways.

We have been looking at animals in our topic and science lessons this week. We have looked at animals in the rain forrest and mammals.


We had three children run in a cross country competition and they did really well, even if it was a long way!


Please remember to bring in reading books in everyday.

Cedars outdoor adventure!

This week Cedar have created their own journey stories in English and even edited and improved them to make them better!

We have done a lot of hands on maths this week looking at comparing and ordering groups and numbers.

Most excitingly this week we went to Petty Pool! We went on a nature walk, climbed a rock climbing tower AND abseiled down as well as having a crate challenge! It was all really good fun and we got to play at the park at lunch time as well!