Hawthorn Class Blog

Aim higher!

This week has all been about aspirations, aim higher, achieve more, succeed in whatever you choose. We have been out at Tarporley High school for some transition activities. We experienced design technology, science, and even some maths!

We have also been to Hartford college campus. We experienced joinery, brick laying, catering, sport and even team building and we had the best day! It has left us hungry for more and wanting to experience more new things.

In English this week we have been writing introductions to our story based on Zootropolis- yes another dream based activity! In maths we have been working on our knowledge of coordinates and getting to grips with some very tricky arithmetic questions!

I cannot wait to see what next week brings!

We can!

This week, we have discovered exactly that, we can. We can write from stimuli in English. We have used pictures to create some fantastic work.

We can find the missing angles on a straight line, we can identify various angle types in maths.

We can use 6 digit coordinates to identify places on a map and use the scale factor to estimate how far it is between two points.

This week our message to each other is no matter what, we can do anything we put our minds to.

Star of the Week: Leah

Learner of the Week: Jayden

What was that again?

From adding and subtracting those pesky decimals to multiplying and dividing, we have come so far this week. For that, I am so proud of all your hard work!

Our journey stories have taken shape and were finally written on Friday. We look forward to editing and improving them Tuesday to make them the absolute best that they can be.

We have started a memory game every afternoon to help us improve our memory, it is so much fun. However, I think I need to improve this- what was I talking about?

Our History topic is taking shape and we look forward to extending our knowledge even further next week.

Star of the Week : Mariana

Learner of the week: Kurtis

We are…. authors, mathematicians, scientists and learners!

In English, we have been tackling the story of Kensuke's kingdom, writing setting descriptions, from various points of view and even a message in a bottle.

Maths has had us tackling adding and subtracting decimals, and no, not nice decimals that have the same number of decimal places. Oh no, nothing's that easy, we have been adding and subtracting decimals of different amounts- go us!

Science, we have learnt all about Sir Isaac Newton, what a genius he was! I mean, we don't all look at an apple falling and think, I wonder why. We learnt that his life wasn't easy, it was hard, and he had to work hard to find his success.

In topic we have learnt about various buildings in Winsford. Did you know St John's church was built as a memorial to the Lord of Delamere's wife? Also, the Salt Mines, are not just working mines, they store vital and incredibly sensitive information; there are cars down there too!

Can't wait to see what we learn next week.

Star of the week: Megan

Learner of the week: Jasmin

Our Story has begun!

English has kept us busy writing about Kensuke and Michael's journey after falling from the Peggy Sue. We have written setting descriptions about the beach, written from different point of views.

In maths we have been looking at decimals and percentages and comparing them before ordering them on a number line. Even deciding whether we'd rather have 0.666 of 3 hours extra homework, or 1/4 of 2 hours 20 minutes.

Our topic has started and we are very excited to be looking at Winsford closer. Pin the tail on Winford gave us some interesting results- maybe we need to brush up on our Geography!

Star of the week: Shania

Learner of the week: Megan

Its a balancing act!

In English this week we have continued our fantastic warning stories preparing to write our very own from scratch next week!

In maths we have learnt to multiply fractions  and mixed numbers by whole numbers and have finally mastered the skill of adding and subtracting mixed numbers!

PE has kept us busy with our gymnastics sequences and balances, we are getting rather good at them now!

Star of the week: Mariana

Learner of the week: Tyler

All Authors here!

Despite the cold it has been an action packed week! English has seen us starting to think about wishing and warning stories, focusing specifically on the story of Icarus. We have spent time becoming familiar with the text, acting it out. With world book day, we were graced with the presence of an author. Where we were challenged to write about pictures of people or headlines. We had a great time.

Maths we have been adding mixed numbers and then went on to focus on our problem solving skills and resilience!

We have been practising our balances in PE, and testing which materials were electrical conductors in Science. It has been a week of challenges and variety, but we've had a great time.

Star of the week: Madison

Learner of the week: Shania


We are Web Designers!

In English, we have began to look at non-chronological reports, about a made up animal, which of course we loved creating. We have the Owlhopster (Owl, grasshopper and rooster), it looks rather terrifying!

In Maths, we have been using converting improper and mixed numbers before learning to add and subtract fractions with different denominators, we are awesome at it too!

In Computing we have compared  variety of websites and looked at their audiences, with the hope of creating our very own... so look out you may stumble across one of our creations.

Star of the week : Haillie

Learner of the week : Rhys

Can you stand the heat?

From jumping to melting, this week has been such an action packed week that I'm sure we're all exhausted!

We have been busy writing our defeating the villain stories in English, and I must say, they are amazing. Maths has seen us finding equivalent fractions before learning how to compare them.

In science we've taken a closer look at thermal conductors and insulators, finding out that heat moves from hot to cold. We even tested various materials to see which was the best insulator and the results were not what we expected.

We've been jumping for joy. PE had us practising various jumps from straddle, to tuck!

Scientists of the future unite!

We are: curious; thinkers; doers; creators; problem solvers and most importantly Scientists. Science week has presented us with many challenges from, how many bones are in one arm, to can you skewer a balloon without it bursting and even explaining air resistance!

In English we have talked about why flashbacks are important to stories and discussed what a good villain looks like.

Maths has seen us thinking about fractions as division and finding equivalent fractions- did you know a multiplication grid can help with that?

Star of the Week- Jessica

Learner of the Week- Mason