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We can count to 100!

Another busy week of learning....


This week in English the children have focussed on reading and writing the tricky words that we have been learning. The children have been including these words in their own independent writing.

You could practise these words at home, the, to, no, go, I, be, we, he, she and we.

This week in Maths the children have been counting to 100, we count to 100 everyday! We have been focussing on using the part, part, whole method to add two amounts together and learning our number bonds to 10.

In swimming this week the children learnt how to swim on their backs and learning how to float.

Next week we will be learning all about Chinese New Year!


Science Week.

We have really enjoyed Science week this week. We enjoyed investigating and sharing our ideas to find the answers to different questions.


In Maths this week we have been solving problems with numbers from 0-20. We are now moving on to recognising numbers beyond 20 and counting to 100! We are still practising counting back from 20 and writing numbers confidently.

In Literacy we had the 'wicked fairy' in the hot seat. We all thought of questions to ask her and we have been teaching her how to be kind. In writing we have continued to practice writing the tricky words, the, to, no, go, I, he and she.

We had a very exciting day on Friday, we made popcorn! The children really enjoyed looking at and discussing what was happening when we made it. We had a popcorn party and we all thought it was delicious!

Go to sleep Sleeping Beauty!

Another fantastic week of learning in Juniper class!

This week in English we have been looking at alternative versions of Sleeping Beauty. We read the story, 'Go to sleep Sleeping Beauty' and we discussed the similarities and differences in the two stories.

This week in writing we have focused on capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

In Maths we have been counting to 100 and saying the number that is one more than a given number beyond 20.

We had another fantastic swimming lesson and the children are enjoying learning how to become independent swimmers.


We wish you a Merry Christmas.

We have enjoyed lots of Christmas activities this week.

On Monday the children did a fantastic performance of 'The Snowman at Sunset'. We were very proud of all of the children, they sang beautifully!

On Tuesday we had a lovely snowy day on our school trip. The children participated in lots of Christmas activities and we had a very special visit from Santa!

This week in the classroom, in Maths we have been focusing on saying the number that is one more from 0-20. We have been practicing counting back from 20 through lots of different songs.

In Literacy we have been writing Christmas cards and Christmas lists, using our phonic knowledge to write words.

A visit from an Olympian!

Once again another busy week of learning in Juniper class!

In maths we have been focusing on ordering numbers to 20 and counting back from any given number.  At home you could practice recognising numbers to 20.

In literacy this week we have been writing in our books about our trip to the zoo. This weeks focus has been on letter formation and spelling tricky words correctly.

We had a very special visitor called Tom James. He is a double gold Olympic rowing champion. The children had the opportunity to hold his medals and ask him questions.

Our Christmas play dress rehearsal was fantastic on Friday and all of the children were great. We look forward to seeing families on Monday for the performance.

Off to the zoo we go!

We have had yet another busy week in Juniper class.

In maths, we have been focussing on adding two amounts together by counting on. The children have completed maths challenges in their books and independent learning linked to this objective.

In Literacy we have continued with the Gingerbread Man story. In our English books we have tried really hard to  form letters correctly and use finger spaces.

We had a lovely end to the week with a trip to Chester Zoo.

We visited the zoo as part of the 'Sing for a Songbird' project to learn more about endangered birds in Indonesia. The children took part in activities in the morning, learning more about the birds and seeing different species. In the afternoon we had to opportunity to see different animals including, tigers, monkeys, chimpanzees and even crocodiles! A huge thank you to our parent helpers who supported at the zoo.

Numbers, numbers, numbers….

This week in maths we have been focusing on number recognition. We have been playing different games to help us confidently recognise numbers from 0-20. In our everyday routine we have also been learning how to count back from 20.



In literacy this week we had an exciting letter asking us to make posters to help find the Gingerbread Man. We used our phonic knowledge to help us to write our posters. We hope people read them so we can find him soon!

Diversity Week in Juniper Class

We have had a fantastic week in Juniper. On Monday we had a visit from Richard who told us stories from traveller heritage. We really enjoyed his stories about his horse when he was a little boy. On Wednesday we were very busy in the morning; firstly, we had visitors from Chester Zoo who explained the Sing for Songbird project to us. We enjoyed learning about lots of different birds and singing songs. We then had a visit from Imran who taught us about equality and diversity. On Thursday we had to opportunity to listen to live music in the hall. The talented musicians showed us their different instruments and explained how they play them.

As well as our exciting visitors we have also been very busy in the classroom, in phonics we have focused on being able to segment and blend words all by ourselves. In Literacy we have a new story we are focusing on which is the Ginger bread man. We came up with different ways in which the Ginger bread man could cross the river, we had some fantastic and imaginative answers! In maths this week, we have been working on learning our number bonds to ten by doing lots of practical activities.

Next week:

Tuesday: P.E (please bring your P.E kit)

Thursday: Sponsored toddle is at 9.30am.



We are on a hunt for the Gruffalo!

This week we had our first school trip as Juniper class. We went to the farm in search of the Gruffalo! We searched for clues and managed to find the Gruffalo including different animals from the story around the farm. We had the opportunity to build a bug hotel. All of the children had a fantastic time and we look forward to booking our next trip!

In Phonics we have been focussing on segmenting and blending to read words. We have been learning the tricky words, the, to, no, go, I.  On the writing table we have been encouraging the children to write the sounds they hear in words and form their letters correctly.

In Maths we have been learning how to estimate amounts by playing different games. As a class we have focussed on counting two amounts to find the total altogether.  We continued to practice recognising numbers to 20.

Next week reminders:

P.E is on Tuesday.

Reading books are changed every Friday.


We are readers!

This week in Juniper class we have been focussing on applying our Phonics to reading. We have been looking at books independently and sharing stories with our friends. In Phonics we have been playing games to support the children with the segmenting and blending of words.

In Maths this week we have continued to work on our number recognition from 0-20. In Maths focussed sessions we have been learning how to add two amounts together by counting on to find the answer.

In Literacy we have told the story of the Gruffalo  using our story map. We went on an Autumn walk around the school grounds to look the different changes in the environment around us.

Next week: On Tuesday we are going on our first school trip as Juniper class to the farm! We are all very excited.