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Maple have an Olympic visitor

Friday was by far the best day of the week!

First, we watched the Nursery and Reception dress rehearsal, which was fantastic so we can’t wait for all their mummies and daddies to see it too!

It had started to snow at break time so we all headed outside to see if we could catch snowflakes in our hands or mouths. We also tried to turn ourselves into snowmen and had a fantastic time exploring the textures of the snow!

Just before lunch, we had a very special visit from Double Olympic champion rower Tom James. Tom and his rowing crew have won gold medals in Beijing and London and he brought his medals with him for us to look at and hold. We asked him lots of questions about the Olympics and rowing as well.

We have been practising for our Christmas Play lots and lots and the children have really been trying hard at home to learn their lines so we can’t wait for you all to see it on Tuesday!

Enjoy the snow this weekend and wrap up warm!

Miss Dunmore

Maple at the Zoo!

This week we have been very busy!

We have started to learn colours in Spanish and match them to items of the same colour.

The children have used the story of The Gingerbread Man to make a moving picture using a sliding mechanism.

We opened day 1 of the Kindness Advent Calendar. The kind message was to give someone a hug. We can't wait to see what else is behind the other doors!

To finish off the week we have had a lovely day at Chester Zoo.

We finally got to see the songbirds we have been learning all about.

We went into an area that had been set up like a market and experienced what it would be like to really be there in Indonesia.

Afterwards we had a go at making different types of shadow birds.

We saw the Javan Green Magpie hiding at the back of the enclosure and the Bali Starlings were singing for us and came out to show us their beautiful feathers too.

We saw a huge flock of pink flamingos and the Sumatran Tiger was showing off for us!

The Rothschild Giraffe's were grazing in the winter sun with their young - who are already over 6ft tall!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Dunmore

I’m in Maple Class…get me out of here!

We had a great visit from the Creepy Crawly Show on Tuesday.

Phil and some of his pets came to visit us in Maple Class.

We met Giant Hissing Cockroaches, Chilean Rose Tarantula, Madagascan Tenrec, Giant African Land Snails, Flat Rock Scorpion and a Royal Python called Liz!

We have also made a fantastic start on our Christmas performance. The children are really embracing it and trying their best with their lines and the songs!

In maths we have continued learning about money and the value of each coin and note. We have also looked at the difference between the new and old £1 coin.

We had another visit from our friends at Chester Zoo. We went into the playground with the binoculars to look for birds. We saw lots and lots from blackbirds to magpies and seagulls. I wonder what kinds of birds you can spot at home?

Please make sure the children have their PE kit in school. PE is on a Tuesday afternoon but we may need them at other times too. In this colder weather it is also important they have jogging bottoms, the PE hoodie and suitable trainers included with this so they don’t get cold.

Star of the week: Madison

Learner of the week: Jamie

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Dunmore

Equality and Diversity week in Maple.

We have had a fantastic week with activities relating to different aspects of equality and diversity.

On Monday we had a visit from Richard who told us stories of his traveller heritage and a greedy Queen, who wanted the best pegs for her washing line, and her obedient King. The children helped to act this out starting with King Tyler and Queen Alice and ending with King Kai and Queen Demi. Richard's visit was wonderful and all the children enjoyed his stories and even drew their favourite part of it for him!

We have been learning that no matter what we look like on the outside we are all the same on the inside but we are all individuals. The children compared their skin colour to paint charts to show the small differences between us.

We had a visit from Imran who taught us all about Islam and the preparations for prayer. The children learnt a lot from this and enjoyed getting involved.

Following our diversity theme we did a quiz where we matched the picture of the eyes to the correct child from Maple class. This was a bit tricky but the children enjoyed the challenge of identifying their class mates from just their eyes.

The children had the opportunity to taste Bulgarian banitsa when Mrs Deneva visited. She told us all about the Christmas traditions in Bulgaria as banitsa are one of the foods traditionally eaten at this time of year. We also learnt about Naming Day – another Bulgarian tradition that Nati and his family celebrate. Eliza explained to us that the apple and walnut banitsa is also very similar to a dessert she enjoys from Poland.

Nathan, Jensen, Jayden and Oliver wrote thank you letters to Mrs Deneva that we handed to her on Friday.

Field Maple visited Kingfisher Class at Hebden Green School, also in Winsford, to meet some new friends and for all of the children to interact with other school children. We were there for the whole morning and made poppy biscuits and learnt about Remembrance Day as well as being able to play outside with our new friends in Kingfisher class.

The children from both classes had a wonderful time and in the afternoon we wrote thank you letters to Kingfisher class and Miss Dunmore dropped them off on Friday evening.

We had a special visit from Chester Zoo to learn all about Songbirds and the Sing for Songbirds conservation project. The children identified animals that were and weren’t birds as well as listening to birdcalls and matching them to the picture.

Finally, they made origami songbirds, which were a bit tricky but were beautiful once they were finished! We can't wait for the next visit on Monday!

If you want to find out more about the Sing for Songbirds conservation project please visit the Chester Zoo website:

Despite all this we have still managed to fit in some English and Maths, as well as Spanish!
We have learnt more numbers in Spanish with Miss Bonilla. In the next few weeks we will be learning about the Spanish words for family members so if you could bring in a family picture for the children to share that would be wonderful.

In English we have started learning our new story – Lost and Found – this is about a little boy who finds a penguin on his front door one day! Someone left a bag of clothes and food on the window sill in the classroom so we explored these items using our most descriptive language.

We have continued with subtraction in maths and the children have been doing very well as we have been doing some very tricky calculations!

Star of the Week - Jack M

Learner of the Week - Nathan

Have a great weekend!

Miss Dunmore


Hola Maple!

We started our Spanish lessons this week with Miss Bonilla.

The children thoroughly enjoyed it and so far have learnt numbers to 10 – see if you can get them to teach them to you!

In topic we have decorated our own pigeons so we can find out what it is like to see our classroom from a birds-eye view. This will help us to draw a map. We have already drawn a map of our classroom and they are looking great!

If you didn’t see the video on Facebook and Twitter the class performed the song they have been learning in music to Mrs Rimmer who loved it so much she filmed it for us. The children are born performers so I can’t wait for the Christmas show!

The Junior Safety Officer (in Year 6) asked the infants throughout school to enter a colouring competition to design some bright, visible clothing for a family to wear at night. The whole class put their best effort into their designs and did their best colouring.

It was such a surprise at the Harvest Assembly when both winning designs were from Maple class - Kai and Imogen! Needless to say I was very proud of both of them. They received a lovely pack of high visibility goodies and a pencil case for their efforts.

We have all written some lovely poetry about dinosaurs which is on display in the Field Maple classroom – please do pop in and have a look at the children’s work!

I hope you all have a great week off with lots of fun activities with your parents, carers and families.

I can’t wait to hear all about it on Monday!

Miss Dunmore

Bugs galore in Maple!

After designing and planning we have now built our bug hotel.

It is in the small playground outside the classroom. Please have a look and ask your children to explain what they did and what they used to build it.

In origami club the children had a blast making pirate hats that they then decorated!

We have been editing and publishing work in English that we have put into a class book of animals. The children really enjoyed putting special effort into their work and it looks fantastic! Ms Rimmer and Mr Clark will have the first preview next week!

The children really rose to the challenge of wearing red to show racism the red card and raise money for a local child and it really showed their creative side too!

It has been assessment week across the whole school this week and I am really pleased with the effort the children have been putting into this and how mature they have been throughout the whole week.

Finally, homework is due on a Friday so please make sure your children hand this in so they still have a chance for our homework reward at the end of term!

Miss Dunmore

Maple walk like dinosaurs

This week in topic we have been learning the different body parts of dinosaurs and exploring how they move.

We explored algorithms and drew pictures of cats with vague and precise instructions to show the importance of precise instructions in computing.

We have been designing sections of a bug hotel for a variety of insects in science and we cannot wait to build it next week!

Sugar Maple have been unicorn hunting after Mr Smith gave them CCTV pictures with the unicorn shown in the playground. They went outside and found clues all around the playground.

Field Maple have created their own mythical creature to write about in English and we had some great creatures from an epic elf to a sparkly fairy to a mighty ogre! It made for fascinating reading!

On Friday we opened Miss Dunmore’s map box to explore the features of a map and look for similarities between maps.

In maths the children have been working hard on number sequences and adding two digit numbers together.

Finally, I am extremely proud of the way the children have welcomed Tyler to our class and shown him how things work at Oak View.

Looking forward to a fun filled week!

Miss Dunmore

Maple go unicorn hunting!

What an exciting and busy week!

We have started studying our new topic in English all about the Storm Unicorn. The children have interviewed Dr Dapper about his sighting of the Storm Unicorn and asked appropriate questions.

We tried to learn the story map but the printer had cut it up into pieces! The children did a fantastic job of putting it back into the right order and even found the printer had eaten some pieces!

On Friday we were trying the food the Storm Unicorn eats when Miss Dunmore spotted something black with gold and silver flashes run past the classroom window – a Storm Unicorn! We all went outside to see if we could track it down to observe it. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find it but we did find some clues to tell us where it had been and what it had been doing!

We have been learning that computer code is a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do. We practised this by giving our friends clear and simple instructions to direct them from A to B in the playground.

This week in Music we had competitions within class to see who could sing the song we have been learning the best. It was a difficult to tell so we will practise again next week. We also added some percussion instruments and used them in time with the rhythm of the song.

The children have taken to the song really quickly and I have high hopes for the Christmas season.


Just a reminder that the school policy is to have water in the children’s drinking bottles. If there are any queries with this please come to speak to me.

Maple find dinosaurs!

Maple class found some dinosaurs in the playground!

Whilst watching them in their natural habitat, a meteorite flying through space crash landed into Earth and wiped them all out - much to the children's surprise!

The children wrote a newspaper article to spread the word about what had happened and they did a fantastic job!

We have been planning our own warning story in English and I can't wait to read the finished stories next week! In maths we have been looking for and making patterns as well as learning how to count in 3s with the help of a frog!

Please make sure ALL your children's clothes are labelled, including ties, trousers and skirts, as this helps us to reunite them when they go missing.

There are lots of exciting things going on next week so keep your eyes peeled on the blog!

Bug Splats in Maple

In English, Field Maple have started to write our own story with some interesting characters being made up by the children! Sugar Maple have been exploring the characters in the story through drama.

In maths crocodile mouths have helped Field Maple to decide which number is the largest and Sugar Maple have been exploring tens and ones with playdoh and other equipment in their new maths area.

During topic this week we have researched dinosaurs then made fact cards about them. We have also done some bug splat art, which revealed some amazing results when we revealed our pictures to each other.

We have continued to develop our sharing and teamwork skills with some paired reading, tiddlywinks, connect 4 and jigsaws. Miss Dunmore and Mrs Jones are really proud of the way the children have been sharing and applying this to other situations around school.

We are looking forward to another exciting week!