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The News Broadcast video link has now been uploaded onto the blog called ‘Maple Turns into a Newsroom’. Please have a look as the children did really well to stand up in front of everyone and each say their part.

This week we have been learning all about pictograms and bar charts. We even made them with multi-link to see which house in Maple class had the most house points this week!

On Wednesday some children went to an orienteering competition held at Delamere Forest. This was with other school in the Trust and they all did really well, especially working as a team with children they hadn’t met before! We are really proud of them all!

In English we are going to be writing a recount based upon next week’s trip. The children went to a ‘circus’ and even had popcorn to inspire them with ideas.

We have a jam packed week coming up with the trip and the ‘Smile for a Mile’ (see Parent Mail for more details about that) and it is also the last week of term next week.

Have a great weekend!
Miss Dunmore, Mrs Jones and Miss Tench

Rhyming Poetry in Maple

This week we have been working on poetry in our English lessons and by the end of the week the children have been able to write some lovely rhyming poems about animals! Please pop in to see their work throughout the week.

We have been very lucky in school to have extra PE lessons starting and the children are thoroughly enjoying this opportunity! We now have PE on a Tuesday and a Wednesday and PE kits stay in school until the end of the half term when they can be taken home. This is so PE kits are available for lessons as the children don't like to miss out!

In maths we have made a great start on statistics by making pictograms and tally charts. We have been using real life examples; we started with Maple's favourite fruits, our pets and have even use data about eye colour!

We have continued our topic by looking at what the children do after school and comparing it to what their parents used to do after school. The children were fascinated with the different activities that we all did. Maybe you could teach them some of the games you used to play outside?

Finally, in art we have painted a self-portrait in the style of Franciose Neilly - this was a lovely activity that the children really took on board. Ask them about the technique she uses to paint! I can't wait to show you all some of them once they are dry!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Dunmore

Science Week in Maple

We have had a tough week with lots of quizzes this week in Maple but we have also had such a fun week doing lots of different experiments!

I am so proud of the way the children have persevered with the quizzes as they were particularly hard ones and I know they weren’t easy for everyone but they have done a fantastic job and all parents should be proud!

We started the week with how to keep fit and the silliest material to make a pillow from (which was glass or brick) and we ended the week with which chocolate melted the quickest and how do we stick a balloon to the wall!

After some very serious discussion and some very serious experimenting we decided that dark chocolate melted faster than milk chocolate and white chocolate.

We had suggestions to put glue on the wall and stick the balloon to it or put some tape on the balloon and stick it to the wall but the one we tried out was to rub it on our heads and then stick the balloon to the wall.

It worked a treat! Everyone had a go at rubbing the balloon on their hair and sticking it to the wall. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. When it didn’t work the children showed perseverance and determination until they could do it. They also helped each other and worked as a team if they saw their classmates struggling. Some really important qualities right there!

Next week we will be starting our new text in English and moving onto statistics in Maths too.

Please remember it is an INSET day on Friday.

I would also like to remind you that reading books and reading records must be in school every day so we can take that opportunity to read to the children and then be able to change their books accordingly.

For a project we are working on for after half term I would really appreciate it if we could all start collecting bottle tops (any sort including screw top and sports top) and 1.5-2 litre bottles. Bring them into school as frequently as you wish and I will keep hold of them until after half term when hopefully we will have enough for the project!

Learner of the week: Leighton

Star of the week: Ellie

Have a great weekend!
Miss Dunmore, Mrs Jones and Miss Tench

Maple turns into a newsroom

This week we have combined ICT with our English work when we all turned into news broadcasters to retell the story of Meerkat Mail. The children did a fantastic job and told the story with confidence and clarity. To see a video of our broadcast, click here.

We have had the sweets out in maths to help us with division. The children were excellent at sharing the sweets into equal groups and grouping the sweets into equal bags.

Topic this week looks at recent history so we are comparing schools now to schools in the past. The children decided they all preferred school now to school in the past. Ask them what they learnt about the classroom, punishment, equipment and subjects studied.

We have been learning about the Spanish words for mum, dad, brother, sister and other family members. Please can the children bring in a family photo on Monday so they can talk about their family in Spanish.

I am very proud to say that Jensen and Nati have been to the cinema this week. This is a trip they have thoroughly earnt by having 100% attendance throughout the Autumn Term. I hope to see more children going for 100% attendance through the Spring Term.

Star of the Week – Charlotte

Learner of the Week – Jack

Have a great weekend!

Miss Dunmore

Good to be back in Maple!

It sounds like all the children had a wonderful Christmas break and I am glad to see their smiling faces back in school.

This week we have been learning our new story, Meerkat Mail, and have been introduced to Sunny and his family! We will be doing some news broadcasts next week so look out for those!

In maths we have continued multiplication and the children are really trying their best even when things are a little tricky!

In our new topic we will be learning a lot about ourselves and we have started this off with how to wash our hands properly. The children are really good at this in school so I hope they practise at home too!

Learner of the week: Maddie B

Star of the week: Alice

Have a lovely weekend!
Miss Dunmore

Bugs and Dinosaurs all around in Maple

This week we have been very busy again!

Adele from Chester Zoo visited us again and we made bird feeders to encourage British songbirds into our gardens in this cold weather. If you haven’t already please hang them somewhere where the birds will find them.

We have also finished our moving pictures with a bug or dinosaur using a sliding or a lever mechanism. Ask your child to show you how it works!

On Thursday we followed instructions and used our maths knowledge of shape and fractions to make snowflakes and paper chains to decorate the classroom.

Finally, some of the class were lucky enough to visit Kingfisher Class at Hebden Green School and we made melting snowman cakes from scratch!

Have a lovely weekend and stay warm in the cold weather!

Miss Dunmore

Maple have an Olympic visitor

Friday was by far the best day of the week!

First, we watched the Nursery and Reception dress rehearsal, which was fantastic so we can’t wait for all their mummies and daddies to see it too!

It had started to snow at break time so we all headed outside to see if we could catch snowflakes in our hands or mouths. We also tried to turn ourselves into snowmen and had a fantastic time exploring the textures of the snow!

Just before lunch, we had a very special visit from Double Olympic champion rower Tom James. Tom and his rowing crew have won gold medals in Beijing and London and he brought his medals with him for us to look at and hold. We asked him lots of questions about the Olympics and rowing as well.

We have been practising for our Christmas Play lots and lots and the children have really been trying hard at home to learn their lines so we can’t wait for you all to see it on Tuesday!

Enjoy the snow this weekend and wrap up warm!

Miss Dunmore

Maple at the Zoo!

This week we have been very busy!

We have started to learn colours in Spanish and match them to items of the same colour.

The children have used the story of The Gingerbread Man to make a moving picture using a sliding mechanism.

We opened day 1 of the Kindness Advent Calendar. The kind message was to give someone a hug. We can't wait to see what else is behind the other doors!

To finish off the week we have had a lovely day at Chester Zoo.

We finally got to see the songbirds we have been learning all about.

We went into an area that had been set up like a market and experienced what it would be like to really be there in Indonesia.

Afterwards we had a go at making different types of shadow birds.

We saw the Javan Green Magpie hiding at the back of the enclosure and the Bali Starlings were singing for us and came out to show us their beautiful feathers too.

We saw a huge flock of pink flamingos and the Sumatran Tiger was showing off for us!

The Rothschild Giraffe's were grazing in the winter sun with their young - who are already over 6ft tall!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Dunmore

I’m in Maple Class…get me out of here!

We had a great visit from the Creepy Crawly Show on Tuesday.

Phil and some of his pets came to visit us in Maple Class.

We met Giant Hissing Cockroaches, Chilean Rose Tarantula, Madagascan Tenrec, Giant African Land Snails, Flat Rock Scorpion and a Royal Python called Liz!

We have also made a fantastic start on our Christmas performance. The children are really embracing it and trying their best with their lines and the songs!

In maths we have continued learning about money and the value of each coin and note. We have also looked at the difference between the new and old £1 coin.

We had another visit from our friends at Chester Zoo. We went into the playground with the binoculars to look for birds. We saw lots and lots from blackbirds to magpies and seagulls. I wonder what kinds of birds you can spot at home?

Please make sure the children have their PE kit in school. PE is on a Tuesday afternoon but we may need them at other times too. In this colder weather it is also important they have jogging bottoms, the PE hoodie and suitable trainers included with this so they don’t get cold.

Star of the week: Madison

Learner of the week: Jamie

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Dunmore

Equality and Diversity week in Maple.

We have had a fantastic week with activities relating to different aspects of equality and diversity.

On Monday we had a visit from Richard who told us stories of his traveller heritage and a greedy Queen, who wanted the best pegs for her washing line, and her obedient King. The children helped to act this out starting with King Tyler and Queen Alice and ending with King Kai and Queen Demi. Richard's visit was wonderful and all the children enjoyed his stories and even drew their favourite part of it for him!

We have been learning that no matter what we look like on the outside we are all the same on the inside but we are all individuals. The children compared their skin colour to paint charts to show the small differences between us.

We had a visit from Imran who taught us all about Islam and the preparations for prayer. The children learnt a lot from this and enjoyed getting involved.

Following our diversity theme we did a quiz where we matched the picture of the eyes to the correct child from Maple class. This was a bit tricky but the children enjoyed the challenge of identifying their class mates from just their eyes.

The children had the opportunity to taste Bulgarian banitsa when Mrs Deneva visited. She told us all about the Christmas traditions in Bulgaria as banitsa are one of the foods traditionally eaten at this time of year. We also learnt about Naming Day – another Bulgarian tradition that Nati and his family celebrate. Eliza explained to us that the apple and walnut banitsa is also very similar to a dessert she enjoys from Poland.

Nathan, Jensen, Jayden and Oliver wrote thank you letters to Mrs Deneva that we handed to her on Friday.

Field Maple visited Kingfisher Class at Hebden Green School, also in Winsford, to meet some new friends and for all of the children to interact with other school children. We were there for the whole morning and made poppy biscuits and learnt about Remembrance Day as well as being able to play outside with our new friends in Kingfisher class.

The children from both classes had a wonderful time and in the afternoon we wrote thank you letters to Kingfisher class and Miss Dunmore dropped them off on Friday evening.

We had a special visit from Chester Zoo to learn all about Songbirds and the Sing for Songbirds conservation project. The children identified animals that were and weren’t birds as well as listening to birdcalls and matching them to the picture.

Finally, they made origami songbirds, which were a bit tricky but were beautiful once they were finished! We can't wait for the next visit on Monday!

If you want to find out more about the Sing for Songbirds conservation project please visit the Chester Zoo website:

Despite all this we have still managed to fit in some English and Maths, as well as Spanish!
We have learnt more numbers in Spanish with Miss Bonilla. In the next few weeks we will be learning about the Spanish words for family members so if you could bring in a family picture for the children to share that would be wonderful.

In English we have started learning our new story – Lost and Found – this is about a little boy who finds a penguin on his front door one day! Someone left a bag of clothes and food on the window sill in the classroom so we explored these items using our most descriptive language.

We have continued with subtraction in maths and the children have been doing very well as we have been doing some very tricky calculations!

Star of the Week - Jack M

Learner of the Week - Nathan

Have a great weekend!

Miss Dunmore