Maple Class Blog

Little men have taken over in Maple!

This week we have a wonderful visit from an artist, Liam Hopkins. He designed and built the statues in the Town Park and came to tell the children all about how he created them and let them see some other projects he was working on.

This inspired us to make our own statues in the style of Antony Gormley. We have been given criteria and designed then made the statues.

We then took the statues on an adventure around school!

They lined up to come in…

They went to assembly…

They walked smartly through school back to the classroom…

Then they went out to play…

After break they played hide and seek in the office…

Finally they went to have a cup of tea with Miss Whittaker…

In science we made mice rockets and measured how far we could shoot them. We also compared which bottles were best to make the rockets from!

Five children got 100% attendance for this term so went off to the cinema this morning and had a wonderful time!

Mr Forber came into school this week to give out awards for best effort and most progress. Well done to Eliza and Nati!

Finally, three children earned 300 house points so Miss Whittaker came down to deliver their certificates. We are very proud of them - they are the only three this year to have 300 house points!!!!

I would like to say that I have enjoyed teaching Maple class this year and wish them the best for Year 3.

Have an amazing summer holiday – make sure you rest, play and look after yourself!

See you in September!
Mrs Coe and Mrs Jones

Aspiring Maple

We have been looking at careers and the things we aspire to do in the future this week in school.

We started the week with thinking about what career we would all like to have when we are adults. We had some great suggestions! Then we thought about what skills we would need and what we need to develop in order to be good at that job.

We had a head chef trainer visit our class to talk about his job, what he has to do, what he did after he finished school to become a chef and what subjects at school are important to be a chef – there were more than you think!

In maths we have been doing lots of different investigations. On Thursday we did a Smarties investigation where we had to estimate and predict the amount and the colours then we could open them and see if our predictions were right.

In science we were testing materials to see if they were bendy, squashy and stretchy. The children got to test each material we used and made great observations about them all.

On Friday we had a Mad Science workshop! The children got to watch a demonstration of a volcano made from baking powder and vinegar.

Then they all got to make their own slime from other household items. They showed some real team work helping each other measure out the liquids. At the end, they all really enjoyed this and got to take a pot of slime home with them.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Coe and Mrs Jones

Wild West Maple

In English we have been writing about dragons. To finish this off we have made a Maple Book of Dragons. The children wrote about their dragon inside a dragon shape then painted it with watercolours. I think it’s been a great success! The Maple Book of Dragons is available to view if you wish to.

In maths we have been playing a new game called times table shoot out!  In pairs children come up to the front and try to answer a times table question before their friend. Winner stays on! Try it at home using the 2, 5 and 10 times tables!

On Tuesday we had the privilege of a visiting author. He told a great story to the children about a very clever hen, which involved songs and actions. The children loved it and were singing it at playtime too!

On Friday we have been very lucky to listen to the City of Chester Brass Band. Some children even got to have a go with a few of the instruments.

Jensen, Talisha and Imogen were picked from the audience to have a go and so was Leighton.

Leighton blew so hard the end of the trombone fell off! Don't worry though it popped straight back on and he had another go.

Charlotte also had a go afterwards - look out for the photos on the school Facebook page!

If your child is interested in learning an instrument please come and speak to us and we can pass on their details to you.

Have a great weekend and stay safe in the sun!

Mrs Coe and Mrs Jones


Feature spotting in Maple

This week we have been looking at the geographical features of the British Isles by analysing famous landmarks such as Durdle Door, the Angel of the North, River Severn, Clifton Suspension Bridge and many more!

The children had a great eye for identifying if these were human or geographical features. We have then used the iPads to research the same things about Russia to be able to compare the two nations.

Mrs Coe took PE on Wednesday and we all had a blast! We practised our throwing and catching skills with a game then played a class game of rounders to make sure we could still use those skills in a competitive situation.

In maths we have started to look at temperature. Mr Smith kindly put up some thermometers inside and outside the classroom and the children have loved learning to read the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit and comparing the temperature in the different areas.

In science we have made a flow chart to help us identify materials if we aren’t sure. The children did a great job with this making sure their questions were relevant and use scientific language.

As the hot weather continues please make sure you child has a hat, water bottle and sun cream every day to help keep them hydrated and safe outside.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Coe and Mrs Jones

Star of the Week: Talisha

Learner of the Week: Alice

Pirates in Maple

In PE this week we have been starting to learn about playing rounders. We have started with hitting a ball and catching so we can move onto batting and fielding. The children have really enjoyed this and have been using their maths skills to add up how many points each team has earned!

In topic we learnt about Queen Elizabeth I and some of the issues she faced as Queen. We discussed how these would be dealt with in modern times and then we were asked to be her Royal Advisers and gave advice based upon our opinions.

We are continuing with the Scratch Jr app in computing and the children are getting really good at following the program and analysing it when there are problems. This shows real perseverance!

In art we explore how to rip paper to make curls and rough edges ready to write a letter to Jim in our English topic. On Friday we wrote the letters then in the afternoon we stained the paper with tea bags to age it. The children really enjoyed this new use for old tea bags!

Have a great weekend!
Mrs Coe and Mrs Jones

Learner: Ethan

Star: Jamie

First week back in Maple

We have had a jam-packed week this week!

We have been working on directions in maths so have been outside a lot directing our friends to different things and around obstacles.

It was a good job we have been practising this because Mrs Jones got lost in the playground on Friday so we used our knowledge to direct her back to the classroom.

On Thursday, not only did we have swimming but we also had a sports day practice, which was very successful, and the children showed great sportsmanship cheering each other on and supporting their classmates.

After all that swimming and running the children deserved some down time so at afternoon break we had a fruit ice lolly which was very welcome in the heat!

In science we have been learning about what is happening to wildlife at this time of year by observing the birds on the Springwatch wildlife cams and the Wild Academy programme. This is freely available on BBC iplayer so you can watch at any time. We counted how many times the blue tits fed their chicks in 5 minutes. Safe to say it was more than 20!

The weather forecast is still due to be sensational for at least the next week so please make sure that your child has suncream, a hat and water bottle for this time of year.

In their PE kits the children will need their purple t-shirts and black shorts so they don’t overheat outside.

Have a great weekend!
Mrs Coe and Mrs Jones


Learner: Eliza

Star: Oliver

A Royal Bear Wedding in Maple!

This week we have been celebrating all things wedding after the spectacular Royal Wedding at the weekend.

To start the week we discussed what we thought of marriage and why people want to get married.

On Tuesday Tracy from Cherish Bridal came in to show off some of her gorgeous dresses that she would help a bride to choose. She also brought a veil with her that the children were able to try alongside the beautiful dresses.

After looking at the outstanding dresses we decided to help Miss Dunmore with her wedding dress and design one for her. We looked at some bridal catalogues that Tracy had brought with her as well as using some spare material that she had donated to create our own fashion statements.

Then we described them using the correct names for all the different fabrics we had learnt about from Tracy.

On Thursday everyone dressed in their wedding finery to celebrate Oak View style with a street party!

Imogen was picked to help cut the cake with Harley!


Everyone in Maple class looked sensational and the cakes Year 6 had made were delicious!

After that we were ready to attend a wedding of our own. Alongside Cedar class, we all witnessed our bears Snuggles George and Cedar Bear get married in their very own ceremony. Jack and Kai were our registrars who conducted a beautiful ceremony that suited the couple perfectly whilst Maple and Cedar class watched on with tears in their eyes.

We wish them the very best on their honeymoon and can’t wait to see pictures when they get back!

Finally, Maple class have now completed their Secret Agent Tasks! Mrs Jones and I couldn’t be prouder of how hard the children have been working and their dedication to their learning, even when some children have had two tasks on one day!

Have a great half term in the sunshine!

Miss Dunmore and Mrs Jones

Learner of the Week: Ellie

Star of the Week: Charlotte

Sports Star of the Week: Ellie

Measuring Trees in Maple

We have been outside in the gorgeous weather this week! The children have been identifying the different species of tree we have in the playground then measuring them to find which is the tallest tree at Oak View. I think the jury is still out on that one!

Over the last few weeks we have been using an app called Scratch Jr to make moving projects. The children have enjoyed using the app to make their characters do all sorts of different things from moving to growing to disappearing! They have also been working in pairs or small groups on this so have been working on their communication and team work as well as their ICT skills.

In PE the children continue to do relays and other styles of races and learning a lot about being a good sportsman and accepting loss.


Learner of the Week: Jensen

Star of the Week: Madison


Have a great weekend!

Miss Dunmore and Mrs Jones

Calm and relaxing in Maple

This week we have been learning about peer massage. This is a sequence of massage movements the children can do to each other under the guidance of a teacher. It teaches the importance of appropriate contact and seeking permission before approaching another child to touch them. Once one person has given the massage the children swap to make sure everyone gives and receives a massage.

The children can practice this at home on siblings between 3 years and 12 years old or on a parent.

We have had another fantastic swimming lesson where Kai’s determination has paid off and he has moved up into the big pool! Well done Kai!

In RE we have been looking at the Sabbath, which is the Jewish day of rest. We have been exploring the things they put on their Sabbath table and the process they go through to make it such a special day. We also tried challah, which is special sweet bread that is served during the Sabbath. This was very popular and I have already had requests for more!

In English we have finished off Jack and the Baked Beanstalk with a persuasive letter to a friend of family member to persuade them to take the children to the Baked Beanstalk café. The children have done a great job and the reasons they have given to visit the café are just fantastic! Pop in after school to have a look at your child’s letter.

We started our next book in English, The Pirates Next Door, with a bang by coming up with thoughts and speech of the characters in the picture. The children had some fantastic ideas and I would be worried if they were all pirates!

Please make sure homework is completed to a good standard and returned every Friday. It doesn’t look like many children will be getting the homework prize this half term but I am still hopeful!

Have a great weekend.

Miss Dunmore and Mrs Jones

Learner of the Week: Kai

Star of the Week: Alice

Weighing and measuring in Maple

Another great week for Maple class! Lots of things going on, including sports competitions, swimming, play dough and weighing classroom items.

In maths this week we have been weighing items in grams and kilograms and comparing the weight of different items. We have also been estimating if something will be heavier than another item and what its mass might be.

We then moved on to capacity and have been investigating the capacity of different pots, cups, jugs and other things then today we have moved this on to look at the volume of each of these items and how we can read the scales on jugs and measuring cylinders.

In topic we have looked at the countries that make up the British Isles and the capital cities of those countries. We use the atlas to check we had it correct and add ore information to our play dough maps.

On Thursday, Eliza, Ellie, Madison, Kai and Jamie represented our class and school at the KS1 cross-country. It was a bit drizzly but they had a fantastic time and represented our school with pride.

Finally, in English we have been writing letters from Jack to his mum about his adventures up the Baked Beanstalk and have started to look at how we can persuade others through our writing and next week we will be writing a letter to a friend to persuade them to visit the Baked Beanstalk Café.

Have a great bank holiday weekend!
Miss Dunmore and Mrs Jones

Learner – Talisha

Star – Jack