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Measuring Trees in Maple

We have been outside in the gorgeous weather this week! The children have been identifying the different species of tree we have in the playground then measuring them to find which is the tallest tree at Oak View. I think the jury is still out on that one!

Over the last few weeks we have been using an app called Scratch Jr to make moving projects. The children have enjoyed using the app to make their characters do all sorts of different things from moving to growing to disappearing! They have also been working in pairs or small groups on this so have been working on their communication and team work as well as their ICT skills.

In PE the children continue to do relays and other styles of races and learning a lot about being a good sportsman and accepting loss.


Learner of the Week: Jensen

Star of the Week: Madison


Have a great weekend!

Miss Dunmore and Mrs Jones

Calm and relaxing in Maple

This week we have been learning about peer massage. This is a sequence of massage movements the children can do to each other under the guidance of a teacher. It teaches the importance of appropriate contact and seeking permission before approaching another child to touch them. Once one person has given the massage the children swap to make sure everyone gives and receives a massage.

The children can practice this at home on siblings between 3 years and 12 years old or on a parent.

We have had another fantastic swimming lesson where Kai’s determination has paid off and he has moved up into the big pool! Well done Kai!

In RE we have been looking at the Sabbath, which is the Jewish day of rest. We have been exploring the things they put on their Sabbath table and the process they go through to make it such a special day. We also tried challah, which is special sweet bread that is served during the Sabbath. This was very popular and I have already had requests for more!

In English we have finished off Jack and the Baked Beanstalk with a persuasive letter to a friend of family member to persuade them to take the children to the Baked Beanstalk café. The children have done a great job and the reasons they have given to visit the café are just fantastic! Pop in after school to have a look at your child’s letter.

We started our next book in English, The Pirates Next Door, with a bang by coming up with thoughts and speech of the characters in the picture. The children had some fantastic ideas and I would be worried if they were all pirates!

Please make sure homework is completed to a good standard and returned every Friday. It doesn’t look like many children will be getting the homework prize this half term but I am still hopeful!

Have a great weekend.

Miss Dunmore and Mrs Jones

Learner of the Week: Kai

Star of the Week: Alice

Weighing and measuring in Maple

Another great week for Maple class! Lots of things going on, including sports competitions, swimming, play dough and weighing classroom items.

In maths this week we have been weighing items in grams and kilograms and comparing the weight of different items. We have also been estimating if something will be heavier than another item and what its mass might be.

We then moved on to capacity and have been investigating the capacity of different pots, cups, jugs and other things then today we have moved this on to look at the volume of each of these items and how we can read the scales on jugs and measuring cylinders.

In topic we have looked at the countries that make up the British Isles and the capital cities of those countries. We use the atlas to check we had it correct and add ore information to our play dough maps.

On Thursday, Eliza, Ellie, Madison, Kai and Jamie represented our class and school at the KS1 cross-country. It was a bit drizzly but they had a fantastic time and represented our school with pride.

Finally, in English we have been writing letters from Jack to his mum about his adventures up the Baked Beanstalk and have started to look at how we can persuade others through our writing and next week we will be writing a letter to a friend to persuade them to visit the Baked Beanstalk Café.

Have a great bank holiday weekend!
Miss Dunmore and Mrs Jones

Learner – Talisha

Star – Jack


Maple tell the time

This week in Maple we have been exploring the life cycle of a plant by being the plant ourselves. We started off as a seed and when the conditions were right we started to grow!

We went from a small plant to a big healthy plant with flowers and then made our own seeds, which then started the process off all over again.

In PE we have started to look at athletics to get ready for the summer season.

We have also kick started our learning about Judaism by discussing special days and things that we have and do that are special to us.

In maths we have been learning to tell the time and to help us do this we made our own clocks! They have been really useful and the children have really enjoyed using something they have made themselves.

Have a great weekend!
Miss Dunmore and Mrs Jones

Learner of the Week - Joycieleigh

Star of the Week - Nati

First week back in Maple

We have had such a jam-packed week this week!

In maths we have been measuring in centimetres and metres as well as comparing and ordering heights and lengths.

We practised this by getting ourselves into height order outside in the lovely sunshine!

We have also started our swimming lessons this week that were a great success and the children really enjoyed it too! I hope we can keep up the enthusiasm throughout the term.

We made a great start to Lego Challenge Club this week using only 10 pieces of Lego.

Last term FIVE children from Maple class had 100% attendance. They were: Ellie, Kai, Jensen, Joycieleigh and Jack M. These children will be going to the cinema with Ms Whittaker next Friday as a special treat! I wonder if we can get more than 5 children for this term?

We have really enjoyed playing outside in the beautiful weather but please make sure your child brings a hat and a drink of water to school and sun cream if they need it. They must be able to apply this themselves.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Dunmore and Mrs Jones

Star of the Week – Nathan

Learner of the Week – Imogen


Semana española en Maple!

We kicked off Spanish week on Monday with our Spanish lesson with Miss Bonilla. This week we were learning about animals and playing games to work out which animal is which.

On Wednesday we researched a famous Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi, and the kinds of buildings he created. Then, on Thursday we recreated these in a mosaic style. The children really took their time and used their imaginations during this and it really shows in the results.

On Friday, we used our fractions knowledge to make the traditional Spanish drink sangria (alcohol free of course!). The children really considered what they needed to use and followed the instructions precisely to make a drink that they all enjoyed!

In other news, the sweet pea seeds that we planted without soil have started to grow! I wonder if they will keep on growing into full plants!

Also in science, we have set up an experiment to see whether seeds need both light and water to grow or just one of them. I can’t wait to see the results – hopefully something will start to happen next week!

Finally, and most exciting, Ellie, Imogen, Nati, Alice, Leighton and Jamie took part in the Tag Rugby tournament with some children from Cedar class. They played several games against the other schools within North West Academies Trust, doing a fantastic job. They worked as a team to play to their best with Mr Clark and Mr Rimmer coaching them. We are all very proud of them and hope to see more great teamwork from Year 1 and 2 soon!

Star of the Week: Oliver

Learner of the Week: Kai

Have a great weekend!

Miss Dunmore and Mrs Jones

Maple are shipwrecked!

Another great week in Maple class!

On Tuesday we went to Foxhowl Outdoor Activity Centre in the heart of Delamere Forest. We all used our imaginations to pretend we had been shipwrecked and had swam to a deserted island. Luckily, we had managed to save some items from the ship and from these the children made shelters using tarpaulins and hammocks.

Then they made another type of shelter with sticks and pine needles.

After lunch they all used a fire lighter to create a spark and light a piece of cotton wool.

The last activity was to bake some bread. The dough had been made from the sugar and flour that had been saved from the ship. The children rolled the dough into a wiggly worm, wrapped it round a stick and cooked it over a fire.

They had an amazing time and really learnt a lot about the uses of things found in the natural environment.

I would like to say a big thank you to Emma and Jamie for coming along, especially to Jamie who signed up at the last minute!

In maths we have continued with fractions, learning about 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 and have started to compare equivalent fractions 1/2 and 2/4. Of course we have used food to help us do this!

In science we have started an experiment to see if we can grow a plant without soil. Keep an eye out for the results!

We have started learning our song for the Easter performance. The children are doing really well with both the words and the action and I can’t wait until we perform it to you at the end of term!

Star of the week - Talisha-Jay

Learner of the week - Nati

Have a great weekend!
Miss Dunmore and Mrs Jones

Fractions in Maple

What is the best way to learn about fractions? Through food of course!

We have been exploring half and quarter this week and we have shown what we have learnt by cutting a cake and kit kat into quarters.

In PE we have been practising our football skills, including, moving forwards and sideways, tag, kicking, dribbling and shooting.

In Science we have been looking closely at seeds to be able to make detailed observations.

We then made our own seeds and experimented with them to see how they dispersed.

In Mrs Atherton’s class they did the bubble wrap stomp – have a look at the pictures!

Reminder that the trip on Tuesday is outdoors so children will need their full outdoor PE kit as well as appropriate shoes and coat.

Have a good weekend!
Miss Dunmore

Characters galore in Maple!

A great start to the half term in Maple class!

It was so lovely to see all the children’s smiling faces on Monday morning! It also sounds like you all had a great time in your week off!

It was World Book Day this week and we had a visit from an author who talked about the importance of reading as a child and how that inspired her to write for her own children.

We had fantastic outfits (and the best in my opinion!) have a look at the pictures below!

In maths we have been exploring 3D shapes, which included making 3D shapes with matchsticks, and printing with 3D shapes too!

In topic the children learnt that there was life before Internet, which sparked some very interesting ideas about how people survived prior to its invention!

Please make sure you read with your child on a daily basis and their reading record and books are in school every day so we can take these opportunities to read with them and progress their reading.

PE is on Tuesday and Wednesday – children need black shorts or jogging bottoms, purple t-shirt, purple hoodie and pumps or trainers. These need to be labelled with your child’s name and in an appropriate bag. Please see the school office if you require any of these items.

Have a good rest over the weekend!
Miss Dunmore

Pizza in Maple Class!

The highlight of our week is definitely the trip to Frankie and Benny’s at Cheshire Oaks!

But before we even went there we had lots and lots of things going on in Maple.

On Monday we had a visit from an author who made puppet stories with the children. They only worked on it for 30 minutes but had some fantastic stories to tell about the shimmering red dragon with glittering gold wings! Ask your child to see if they can remember their story! Click here for a chance to see them in action!

We have been learning about shape in maths and playing lots of shape games. We have moved on to lines of symmetry with the children using mirrors to check for different lines of symmetry.

On Wednesday we took part in Smile for a Mile. This is part of Winsford Wellbeing Week which is taking part across the town. The children braved the wind and drizzle to run, walk, jog, skip a mile round the playground and all of them were still smiling when they finished!

We were really lucky to have the mascot visit and take part in the mile with us!

Finally we come to the trip on Thursday. The children were extremely excited to be learning about how to make pizza after learning about healthy foods and planning a healthy pizza in class this week.

The children were eager to get stuck in so after we washed our hands they rolled up their sleeves up and got started, spreading the tomato sauce like professionals!

Cheese was then sprinkled over the top and a choice of toppings was added. We even managed to make some letters and faces with the toppings too!

After that we put all the pizzas into the huge pizza ovens and then we waited.

It seemed like it took forever but after only 10 minutes the pizzas were ready and after some cooling, the children tucked in with delight!

Finally it was time for the journey back to school. Children and adults very happy with their pizzas!

Then we come to Friday! We have had a great half term and there have been a few changes that the children have really taken in their stride. I am very proud of all of them and I know it will continue into the next half term too!

Have a well-earned break, have lots of fun and enjoy yourselves!

Miss Dunmore, Mrs Jones and Miss Tench.