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Termly Newsletter

Welcome back, Oak class! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break!



This term we will write a fictional narrative using the Wolves In The Walls and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory as stimuli. We will explore how these narratives may alter depending on whose perspective we write from. Following this, we will create some captivating poetry to entice our reader. We will explore the book ‘Until I met Dudley’ and write our own entertaining explanation texts. After half term, we will read ‘Rooftoppers’ and create our own character journey story. Following this, we will recount events using diary and newspaper formats.



We will begin the term by consolidating and extending our understanding of decimals, fractions and percentages, including how to convert, multiply and divide these. This term we will look at converting units of measure and apply this understanding so as to solve problems. In addition, we will further our understanding of the calculation of area, perimeter and volume. Year 6 will also develop mental arithmetic methods and understand key links.



During the term we will be focusing on light and electricity. We will investigate how light behaves and how we see. The children will look at different light sources and use relevant scientific vocabulary to explain. During our electricity topic the children will use recognised symbols to show simple circuit diagrams and investigate how components within a circuit function.



The topic this term is Africa. As part of this, essential skills in Geography and History will be developed. We will develop locational knowledge of the continents, with a focus on the location of Africa. The class will study and compare Benin (AD 900) with British history and explore developments in the use of settlements, land use, trade and natural resources. As part of this, we will study and write about the lives of significant individuals such as Nelson Mandela. We will apply our understanding through writing opportunities such as letter writing, biographies and writing non-chronological reports about African animals.




Homework will be set every Monday and is due back by Friday. There will be a weekly homework club every Monday to support children with this.


As part of the children’s weekly homework it is essential that children read aloud daily and practise the times tables (1-12) at home.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.