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Termly Newsletter

Welcome back, Oak class! I hope you have had a wonderful Easter break!



This term we will write an eyewitness recount based upon the ‘Queen of the Falls.’ This is a captivating tale and is based on a true story! We will use our insight into this tale to create free verse poetry; drawing upon the breath-taking event that took place on Niagra Falls. After this, we will use a range of texts including The London Eye Mystery, Eren, Jumanji and Rooftoppers to generate a range of quality writing pieces.



This term we will be learning about ratio and proportion, with a focus on how to unpick problems. We will consolidate the four operations (multiplication, addition, subtraction and division) and consolidate our understanding of fractions, percentages and decimals. We will apply our knowledge to a range of problems, including real-life scenarios! Year 6 made great progress in their mental arithmetic skills last term, and they will continue to develop their mental arithmetic skills, including their ability to choose the most efficient method.



This term we will be exploring electricity. We will conduct experiments to investigate the brightness of a bulb or volume of a buzzer with the number and voltage of cells used. We will compare and give reasons for variations in how components function such as switches. During the topic of electricity we will learn the recognised symbols when drawing circuit diagrams.



This term year 6 will be studying Ancient Greece. As part of this topic, we will explore the culture that once existed and will explore the impact and legacy this left upon the western world. There will be opportunities to learn and write about Greek mythology, in particular Greek Gods. As part of our art project, we will study Grecian patterns and use these when making and decorating our very own Ancient Greek vessel!

London trip

Year 6 have the opportunity to visit London during the summer term as a reward for all their hard work this year! More details will be given to parents closer to the time, however if you have any questions about this please get in touch.


Homework will be set every Monday and is due back by Friday. There will be a weekly homework club every Monday to support children with this.


As part of the children’s weekly homework it is essential that children read aloud daily and practise the times tables (1-12) at home.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.