Oak Class Blog

Learning about light!

Oak class have had another productive week! I am very proud of the class as everyone has worked very hard to produce work of a high standard.

In English, we thoroughly enjoyed writing flashbacks about a loved one. We thought carefully about the memory using the senses to create a clear picture for the reader.

This week Oak class made puppets as part of their scientific investigation into light! They experimented with distance to understand the change in shadow size.

We have enjoyed learning about mindfulness this week. Oak have used sound to help focus their attention as part of their 'PawsB' mindfulness. In addition, we have learned about peer massage. Everyone was very respectful towards their partner during this activity - they always asked permission before massaging and were mindful of the pressure so that it was a calming experience for the person receiving the massage. I am pleased by the mature attitude Oak class showed while participating in the activities!

Star of the week: Kieran

Learner of the week: Mia


Some wish for it, we work for it!

We have had a highly productive week in Oak class! We are proud of our eyewitness accounts and have completed our publishing. We really enjoyed  reading each others  completed eyewitness accounts and provided helpful peer feedback. I am very pleased with how hard Oak class have worked, they showed a true dedication to their work!

This week, we have enjoyed success in football, after lots of hard work in training. Demi, Paige, Paige and Libby are part of out girls football team and they worked well with their team to achieve second place in a tournament! They received certificates and medals in assembly to reward their success! Well done :)

Star of the week: Joshua

Learner of the week: Alfie


A guide dog visits Oak Class!

Oak class have had a brilliant first week back after the Easter break!

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Annie Taylor 'Queen Of The Falls' and about life in 1901. To gain a deeper understanding of the risk Annie put herself in, we secured eggs in a variety of containers and dropped them from a considerable height! Only 1 egg out of 5 eggs survived - a 20% survival rate! We are now using our knowledge on this subject to write an eyewitness account of this remarkable event.

On Wednesday afternoon, Oak class received a visit from Jean and her guide dog. Oak class had the opportunity to learn about how to care for a guide dog and how they are used to support people who have a sight impairment. Oak class were very mature and asked excellent questions on this subject.

Star of the week - Larry

Learner of the week -Toni-Lea


Teamwork in Oak class!

What a fantastic final week we have had in Oak class! We have thoroughly enjoyed inventing and writing about our own incredible products! In maths we have learnt about area, perimeter, volume and scale factors! I am very impressed by all of your hard work!

On Tuesday night, some members of Oak class took part in a football match against Delamere. The final score was 5:3 to Oak View! Well played and well done for showing excellent team work  and sportsmanship.

I hope you all have an EGGcellent Easter and I look forward to seeing you after the Easter break!


Mindfulness in Oak class!

This week Oak class have been training their ability to think mindfully. This includes an awareness of how they are feeling and developing an appreciation for things around them (big or small!).

Oak class enjoyed a pamper session where they soaked their hands and used a nail brush, nail file and moisturiser to care for their hands.

Later this week, Oak enjoyed the opportunity to walk around Delamere forest and appreciate the sound of the leaves, the beautiful trees and practise mindful breathing. Oak class were enjoying the forest so much they decided to build a den amongst the trees!



Proud learners publishing work

Oak class have been really enjoying their Spanish lessons this half term! They have learnt how to differentiate words according to whether they are male or female; learnt about words to describe family members and animals!

In addition, we have been working hard in both English and Maths. In English however, we are feeling very proud of our edited and improved work which is now ready to publish!

Well done, Oak class!

Learner of the week: Toni-Lea

Star of the week: John


Oak class flock to the farm!

On Wednesday afternoon, year 6 ventured over to Weaver Dairy farm where they met Rosie and learnt all about life on a working farm. Rosie taught the class about the tupping and lambing processes that takes place between the ewes and the rams. When Spring arrives, Rosie knows it is time for the lambs to be born!

Rosie showed Oak class how the lambs are delivered and how she measured the weight of each lamb and kept a clear record. This was a great link to our maths work this week on measurements.

Oak class were respectful towards the animals and knew to keep their voices low and to be gentle when handling them. We enjoyed seeing the piglets as well as the lambs!

Thank EWE Rosie, we all had a lovely afternoon!




A magic week!

This week oak class have been very busy!

We have been working hard in maths, applying our knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages to solve problems about conversion. In English and reading we have been exploring the books 'Clockwork' by Phillip Pullman and 'The Watertower' by Gary Crew.

We thoroughly enjoyed world book day, where we had the opportunity to get creative with author Rachel lefever! As Harry Potter was the theme for dressing up in ks2, we enjoyed creating magical potions using lots of creative ideas!

On Thursday evening, Paige and Kieran attended a cookery class at Winsford Academy. They cooked a delicious vegetable pasta and won an award for working well as a team and for following instructions sensibly! I was so impressed with your attitude and very proud of your achievement.

Well done all of oak class!



Superstars at Barclays!

This week year 6 have benefited from a Life skills visit at Barclays. The activities encouraged the class to use their team work skills, with an emphasis on their ability to discuss, listen and convince their peers. The activities included: creating a structure from a range of materials and evaluating the organisation of money in order to run a household effectively.

The class also enjoyed the opportunity to walk around the building, where they gained a valuable insight into the world of work. Well done, Oak class!



Different cultures, different perspectives!

Over the last two weeks in Oak class, we have had the opportunity to explore a variety of cultures. Last week, we celebrated Burns night where we read some poetry by Robert Burns, listened to bagpipes and even tried some haggis! Most children liked the haggis (we calculated a 63% success rate), despite having not tried it before!

This week we have focused on cultures from South Africa, including the Zulu tribe, where we had started to craft some excellent descriptions. We also enjoyed a visit from Robbie who led a workshop using Djembe drums. The class learnt about the materials used to make the drum and the way sound is created using vibrations. We thoroughly enjoyed using the drums in games, which tested our memory and team work skills. The class were able to remember a rhythm and performed this to their parents at the end of the day!

In our English and reading lessons, we have talked about the various winners of the golden tickets and how different their personalities and lives are. We have used the discussions to help us craft our own golden ticket winner and have then written about what happens to them when they go into the chocolate factory. Well done Oak class!