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An action-packed week!

What a busy week we have had in Oak class!

On Monday we enjoyed a full day at Pettypool outdoor activity centre, where the class enjoyed a range of activities: abseiling, rock climbing, archery, tower building and the leap of faith! I saw members of the class work effectively in a team where they listened to each other and encouraged each other to complete the activities. I am proud of the achievements that were made and I know everyone gained a lot from the day.



Later this week, Oak class enjoyed their Military school activity, where they further developed their team work skills to encourage and create a strategy to pass through the assault course as quickly as possible!

We have completed our Egyptian museum in our classroom and we are proud to display some wonderful artefacts!



Smoothie making!

This week has been full of interesting and enjoyable activities!

Oak class have been hard at work, completing their invented stories, inspired by King Kong! We have enjoyed the opportunity to share and discuss our stories and I know that each story has been enjoyed by all.

In maths, we have focused on problem solving while applying our knowledge of place value and negative numbers. As part of this, I have been impressed by how the class have worked in pairs or groups of three to play mathematical games.

This week Oak class learnt about healthy eating choices and enjoyed making (and tasting!) smoothies to understand how healthy food can be tasty as well as good for us!

This week our school has worked hard to create a totem pole representing the animal for each house. Oak class studied native American patterns and applied these designs to the totem pole, we are impressed with the finished product!

This week the star is Mia and the learner of the week is Demi.

Have a lovely weekend!


Safety first!

This week, in Oak class, we have continued to develop our stories based on King Kong! I have been impressed by your increasing independence and ability to develop your work feedback and tools around the classroom!

In maths we have focussed on rounding numbers and interpreting negative numbers - you have worked hard in both areas, well done!

On Wednesday, we enjoyed a trip to Safety Central! We all learned about how to keep our bedrooms safe from fire, how to stay safe as a pedestrian and a cyclist and how to use the recovery position. While on the visit, you were all focussed and committed learners!

This week my star of the week is Thomas and the learner of the week is Toni-Lea - great effort!


A wonderful first week back

Well done Oak class, you have had a great first week back!

This week we have enjoyed learning the story of King Kong, this included discussions of the characters and their motives, considering the word choices by the author and retelling the story using a story map!

In maths, we have revised our knowledge of number and place value and extended this to numbers up to 10 000 000!

This week the star of the week was Lydia and the learner of the week was Josh.

Keep up this fantastic effort!    

Y6 Discover London

Children from Oak Class have just returned from a fabulous 2-day trip to the capital city. We left Winsford station, all excited, ready for two days packed full of adventure and new experiences.

thumb_IMG_5516_1024 thumb_IMG_5503_1024

After arriving at Euston Station we set off for the first of many Underground trips to St.Pauls YHA so we could leave our bags before setting off to explore. We had lunch on the banks of the River Thames followed by a trip to the Tower of London. We learnt about life as a prisoner, gazed in awe at the Crown Jewels and marvelled at the suits of armour and the stone spiral staircase. Hours whizzed and soon it was time to head off to Leicester Square for tea at Pizza Express  and a tour of Covent Garden. As Londoners enjoyed their evening we were already sat in the Cambridge Theatre mesmerised by the fantastic Matilda. What a performance! (Thankfully our headteacher is not like Miss.Trunchbull). Day 1 had come to an end...


Following an early morning game of Monopoly and a hearty breakfast it was time for Day 2! Off we went on the Underground again to Kensington and the Science Museum. Here we were amazed by the exhibits; some of us were inspired to become engineers. To quote Kyle while looking inside a jet engine " How am I going to remember how to fix this?". Once lunch had been consumed we set off once again, this time to the London Eye. Incredible views were enjoyed and a fear of heights was conquered. Lifelong memories were being created in front of our eyes. Our final stop on our whistle stop London tour was the Houses of Parliament. Although we all had tired legs we were overwhelmed by the history and significance of the building. The highlight was most definitely being able to vote in the lobbies before wandering into the green of the Commons - a place brimming with British history. And then it was time for home. What a fabulous trip!

Year 6 ‘rise’ to the challenge

Year 6 have returned after the Easter Break refreshed and ready for another term packed full of learning and exciting opportunities. In English we have been focusing on writing instructions for a purpose so we baked bread.

Y6 Bread

The class were provided with a set of instructions, relevant equipment and ingredients and baked. It was wonderful to see the results - a slice of freshly baked bread and butter at the end of the school day is a joy. The smell of freshly baked bread wafted through the corridors and made our school visitors taste buds tingle.



Passing Out Parade

This week saw Oak class have their final session with Tommy and Dale from UK Military School. Parents came to watch the pass out parade and the awarding of certificates and medals to the Oak team.


Best recruit awards were presented to;

Logan - for outstanding leadership
Brianna - best female recruit
Martin - best male recruit

It was an extremely proud moment; we look forward to UK Military School return next term as they will be working with Hawthorn class.


Also this week, the second part of our parents afternoon took place. A huge thank you to the parents who came in and supported us as we designed and created our 3D Egyptian masks. We are looking forward to the final painting stage before we put them on display. We have continued to rehearse for our Christmas production - Panto Pandemonium and written a portal story based on a scene from Harry Potter. It has been another busy, yet productive week.

Robinwood – What a fantastic residential

What a fantastic residential it has been. It has been action packed and full of star performances. We have completed the crate challenge; we have solved the Knights Quest; we  have raced against each other climbing and we even built an enormous indoor domino run. Everyone of us exited our comfort zone and challenged ourselves; we all achieved and put our school motto 'Believe, Expect, Succeed' into practice. There were many highlights and star individual and team performances. Well done. We are very proud of you.


The Giant Swing - we went very high!


Archery - we all hit the target. The holiday game was fun - the best trip was definitely returning back to Robinwood with a celebrity arriving in a helicopter.


Climbing - the Gladiator challenge was superb. Watching 'Billy Radox' against 'Magnificent Microwave' was a joy.

Language Challenge Day, Den building and Pitching!

Oak class have reached the end of their first - very busy and productive - half term. It has flown by and much has been achieved. During the last week of the term we visited Tarporley High School  for a Language and Maths Challenge Day. As a feeder primary we have close links with Tarporley High School and the day was spent applying our maths and language skills. During the French session the children wrote animal simile poems. Try and translate our poem;

 Le singe est burn come un arbre,
 Le lion est jaune comme le soleil,
La chauve-souris est aussi petit comme une gomme.

Also during the week we designed and pitched our ideas for a new business to our classmates and special guests - Mrs.Maddock and Mrs.Rimmer. We studied a successful pitch from BBCs Pocket Money Pitch and used this as model to inspire us. The ideas were fantastic. As a class we particularly liked Owen's Toaster which had a built in TV; Mrs.Rimer put in an immediate order.


UK Military School were back and we continued to develop our team work skills. This time Oak Class ventured out into the wildlife area and built dens. Soon we will be visiting Delamere Forest to build dens for our Reception buddies. Exciting times ahead.




UK Military School – Assault Course

Another busy week has flown by. Oak class are making good progress and enjoying a range of experiences; this week it was the arrival of UK Military Schools Assault Course (Mr.Clark was very jealous as he wanted to have a go!)

The school football team played there first match of the season against Delamere. After going 3-0 down early in the match the solid teamwork and some outstanding individual performances enabled the team to come back and gain a worthy 3-3 draw. Our Spy Stories have been completed, next week the focus will be on creating a spy gadget.