Sycamore Class Blog

Week five in Sycamore!

Dear parents,

A new topic this week in Maths! We've been finding the area of shapes by counting squares, we've also been making our own variations of shapes using squares to help us!

In English, we've finished our hot task and been able to write our own suspense stories! They were fabulous to read and the children are trying hard to include all the grammatical features we've discussed.

In Topic, we've been continuing to learn about railways! This week, we studied some significant people who had an influence and opinion on railways, looking at positive and negative impacts. The children then got into groups and put together a debate based on the point of view of one of the given influencers! The children really enjoyed debating and arguing their cases!

Have a brilliant weekend!

Miss Burke.

Suspense in Sycamore!

Dear parents,

Another brilliant week in Sycamore.

In English, we've been continuing to innovate our suspense story, the children have created some very imaginative characters of their own!

In Maths, we have been working hard on dividing numbers, and dividing numbers with remainders. To help, we pretended to be lions and monkeys, and the children had to divide themselves into groups, and looked at how many animals were left over.


In Topic, the children have been looking at different types of old steam trains. They have created a persuasive poster advertising different steam trains, they had to convince their audience their steam train was the best one using exciting facts!

The children still need lots of practice with their times tables, if you could continue to help them at home with this, that'd be great!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Burke and Mr McKenzie-Owens.


Sycamore Scientists!

Dear parents,

Another fantastic week in Sycamore class - it's Science week!

We have taken part in some exciting experiments, such as silencing an alarm, looking at a banana sandwich in the digestive system and experimenting how we can stick balloons to a wall! We also created some great posters to help people to look after their teeth, and created poems about raising awareness for global warming.

In Maths, we are continuing with multiplication and division and the children are working very hard. In English, we have been learning our new suspense story. Some of the children took the hot seat and were fantastic at getting into character and answering some questions, this really helped with their understanding of the story and the main character.

Have a brilliant weekend.

Miss Burke and Mr McKenzie-Owens.

Super second week in Sycamore!

Dear parents,

We have had a super second week in Sycamore!

In Maths, we have been working really hard on our factor pairs and multiplication. We have been using lots of concrete resources to help us with our learning as you can see!

In English, we finished our nonsense poems, the children wrote some fantastic poems which were fun to read! We have also started our new fiction text, suspense stories! We have been looking at some of the key grammatical features in a suspense story.

In Topic, we've continued to learn about the history of railways, and we able to order some key events in railway history!

The children still need lots of practice on their times tables, I have sent the children home with some times table practice this weekend. If you could support them with this, that would be great.


Miss Burke and MrMcKenzie.


First week back in Sycamore!

Dear parents,

We've had a busy but fantastic week back in school after the Christmas holidays!

In Maths, we are continuing with our Multiplication and Division topic, multiplying up to three numbers at a time! If you could practice the children's times tables with them at home, this would really help them with this.

In English, we have been looking at a nonsense poem called 'The dragon who ate our school!' which the children have really enjoyed. We have planned our own exciting poems, ready to make headway with next week.

We have started our new topic of Transport, starting the history of railways. In music, we are looking at a rap called 'Stop!' about how to stop bullying. I think it's fair to say the children thoroughly enjoyed rapping in our music lesson!

We alsoloved our trip to the theatre today seeing the Secret Seven.

Well done Sycamore, a great start to the term. Have a lovely weekend, you've earned it!

Miss Burke and Mr McKenzie-Owens.

Sycamore shining stars.

Dear parents,

Firstly, a huge well done to all the children in Sycamore for their fantastic performance in our Christmas play! I'm sure you'll all agree the children were brilliant and worked so hard.

In Maths, we have been continuing with Multiplication and Division skills. The children have also been working hard to apply reasoning in lessons this week, I've been really impressed!

In English, we have continued to learn our explanation text ready for our hot task next week. I'm looking forward to reading about the children's inventions!

It's been a busy week in the run up to Christmas, so well done everyone!

Enjoy your weekend and see you Monday!

Miss Burke.

Sycamore stars!

Dear parents,

The children have had a very eventful week this week!

We have continued with our Spanish and Latin lessons. Our Latin lessons focus on the Roman Empire and how the Roman's lived, in line with our topic. The children are learning some Latin phrases as we go along, and have really enjoyed it!

We have also been lucky enough to have an art specialist in class this week, helping us to make some beautiful Christmas cards. The children were so focused and had a fantastic afternoon!

In Maths, we have continued to learn our multiplication and division skills, focusing on the 3 and 6 times tables. Any support you could give the children at home with their times tables would be brilliant.

In English, we have started a new explanation text. The children have been focusing on vocabulary and key features, before innovating their own next week!

Have a snowy and safe weekend!

Miss Burke.

Sycamore adventures!

Dear parents,

We've had another fun week in Sycamore with Latin lessons, Spanish and our trip to Chester Zoo!

Firstly, in Maths we have been continuing to learn multiplication and division, the children still need some more practice on their times tables! It'd be great if you could practice them at home.

In English, the children have finished their defeating villain stories, they were very interesting to read!

In Latin, we've been learning different verbs, nouns and adjectives.

Today, we have enjoyed our trip to Chester Zoo! We have been learning more about the different types of songbirds and today we got to see them! The children also loved all the other animals, particularly the giraffes and elephants!

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Burke.

Wildlife discoveries in Sycamore!

Dear parents,

This week, we have had another visit from our friends at Chester Zoo! We have been out into our school wildlife area to look for birds with our binoculars. The children found many different types of birds and really loved their afternoon!

In one of our reading lessons, the children stuck post-it notes to their backs with significant words from our class novel. The children had to use varied language to try and describe the words to each other, and the significance of these words to our class novel.

In Maths, we have started our new topic of multiplication and division and have been using lots of different ways to help us to understand multiplying numbers. If you could also practice their times tables at home, that would be great!


With the Christmas play nearing, it would be really helpful if you could practice any lines the children have with them at home.

Thanks and see you Monday,

Miss Burke.

Sycamore superstars!

Dear parents,

Another brilliant week in Sycamore class.

We have been enriching our learning about songbirds with another visit from Chester Zoo! The children loved making songbirds and singing like them, too!

In English, we have been continuing to learn our defeating villain story! The children are beginning to innovate their own stories - I've seen some fantastic ideas! We have also been focussing on possessive apostrophes, they children are trying really hard with this! The children created some of their own sentences using possessive apostrophes! We also played a fun pass the parcel game to finish our lesson, the box was filled with lots of sentences using apostrophes and the children had to tell me which ones were right, and which were wrong when the box landed on them!

Have a fantastic weekend and see you Monday!

Miss Burke.