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Termly Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians,


It is with great pleasure that I continue to teach what is now Willow Class this year.

As Year 2 children the year was full of challenges and I have been extremely proud of their efforts, both in their learning and in their behavior. In Willow Class the children have reached a milestone as they are now Juniors! This year we will build on what they have learnt in Year 2 in Maths and English and they will experience new, exciting topics.


This term’s topic is called Land, Sea and Air. It is a broad topic where we will delve deep into human and physical Geography. We begin the term with a British Artist named William Morris who used nature extensively in his artwork. Through the artist and author Jeannie Willis the children will learn about: geographical features, map reading; environmental change and they will begin using compasses and grid references. Our Geography based trip this term will be to the Lion Salt Works Museum, where children will hunt for clues about the Lion Salt Works past. Using aerial photos, modern and historic maps and the Salt Works itself, they will identify and investigate key geographical features within the landscape. From this we will also complete a recount of our trip to link in with our English.


In English we will be looking at a variety of texts. Children will use exciting vocabulary to write a nonsense poem, learn bout the features of a suspense story and write their own and compose their own instructional text.


As children are now in KS2 it is important more than ever that they continue reading outside of school in order to progress in their reading skills, especially in understanding what they are reading about. As per the homework policy please ensure you listen to your child read each day – this is the only way they can become fluent readers.


In Maths we will be focusing on Place Value to begin with for children to deepen their understanding of numbers up to 1000. Each day children will also recap previous learning through key skills sessions.


On Wednesday, Mrs Leader will be teaching the class Science, and this year the children will also have 30 minutes of Spanish per week taught by a specialist.


PE will be on Monday afternoon, and Swimming on Thursday afternoon this term, so please make sure your child has their PE/Swimming kit in school.



Like last term, homework will be set each Monday and must be completed by the Friday of the same week. You can help with homework but please do not do it for your child. Please fill out your child’s reading records when you hear them read each night. (Homework is extremely important. Please refer to the Oak View homework policy for more information regarding homework.)


I will always make myself available to discuss your child’s progress and any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to catch me at the end of the day or to arrange another time to meet.


Miss Nadia Notarpippo and Miss Woodall