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Willow class can't believe it's the final week of the school year! They are excited at the prospect of moving up to year 4 in September and they met their new teacher and sat in their new classroom. How exciting!

This week we have also looked at different jobs in the NHS and a visitor came into school to talk about all the roles they could aspire to - we also looked at gender stereotyping within jobs - nurses can be boys too!

Willow class have also enjoyed creating a piece of art inspired by stone henge using watercolours. We explored warm and cold colours and created a wash background before ripping pieces of black card to create a silhouette of a stone circle. 

Clay fun!

As part of our Bronze Age topic, Willow class researched designed and made their own Early Bronze Age-style clay pottery! They used clay tools to etch in a geometric design, just as it would have looked in the Bronze Age!


Sporting Fun.

Hasn't this week gone by quickly? This week Year 3 have been busy practising for Sports Day. Sports day is on at 2pm on Monday afternoon and it will be slightly different his year. It's been a sports filled week as Year 3 and 4 also competed with 7 other schools in an athletics competition hosted by Tarporley High School. They represented Oak View extremely well and all children got two or more medals! We also came 1st in the small schools overall competition. Well done to all those who took part!


In Maths we have started a unit on shape and we are doing lots of practical activities this week.

In English we have began a unit on a story based on a real life event. The Man Who Walked Between the To Towers. The children are engaged in the story and will begin writing their own version next week.


Next week, Willow class will be moving from the Stone Age and into the Bronze Age, exploring another important age in our past.


Please don't forget that children need to bring in their homework books in for Friday so they can be marked. Also, please bring in any reading books that have already been read.

Weddings and Cake.

Willow Class have had fun this week learning about the Royal Family. They worked in a group to play a royals card game and drew portraits of the royal family. Willow class then joined the rest of the school to watch the royal wedding in the hall and eat some cake!

In English, Willow class worked in groups to edit and improve a piece of writing, applying what they've learnt.

In Maths, children have begun telling the time, please practise this at home at some children are finding it quite difficult. In Year 3 children should be able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes and the nearest minute.

We have also been practising for Sports Day!



What Time is it Mr Wolf?

This week Willow class finished their Scratch projects on the laptops. Next term we will be focussing on word processing on the laptops to publish our writing.

In Maths we spent our lessons telling the time with our clocks and the weather was nice enough to go outside and draw clocks with chalk. Telling the time is very difficult for most children so we needed lots of reminding about what we already knew about O'clock,half past and quarter to and past. It would be very helpful if you could tell the time with your child as much as possible in the coming weeks so children can make progress in this tricky topic.

Act it out!

This week Willow Class have been learning their new text, a diary entry from a day in the life of a stone age boy. I challenged them to act out the story without using words and so they needed to think carefully about their facial expressions and body language to express the feelings of the character in each paragraph.


In maths Willow class practised subtracting fractions by 'eating' different slices of cake, pizza and chocolate and finding out how many subtraction they could make.

Also, Willow class have began UK military school! They very much enjoyed the experience and will continue to learn important skills and values such as, 'integrity'.


A piece of cake!

Willow class have enjoyed learning about fractions this week! We have worked with counters to understand how the fractions are about how many parts make the whole. We have also created our own fraction walls, in pairs, to help us with our equivalent fractions!


The children in Willow class have also started using scratch to programme their own characters. They have created some interesting animation already and we will continue this next week. If you would like to have a go on scratch at home heres the link: https://scratch.mit.edu

Team work!

This week Willow Class were sad to see the end of our Viking topic. We finished the topic by looking at the Anglo Saxon King Alfred the Great. We put his life events in a time line and thought about what kind of person he was based on his actions. The children have also worked in small groups looking at fractions and sorting recount features. It has been a wonderful Spring term and Willow class have worked well in teams this term, sharing their knowledge and ideas. Well done, Willow! 

Vicious Vikings!

On Tuesday this week, the children were surprised to find a Viking in their classroom!

They had a wonderful day learning about Viking life. They watched Njal make a fire and re-enacted a Viking burial and a Viking fight with shields and (foam) swords. They had the amazing opportunity to handle Viking artefacts such as real axes and silver.  It was a wonderful round off to our Viking topic and they will have the chance to use their experiences of their day in the English recount writing.


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Debating in Willow Class.


This week Willow class were drawn into a class debate on Viking Raids. Half the class played the part of the Monks of Lindisfarne, raided and killed by the Vikings and the other half the class played the part of the Viking raiders. Surprisingly the class agreed the arguments of the Vikings won who were determined for the Monks to see their point that they were desperate for land and money to start a new life in England. The Monks desperately wanted the Vikings to be less selfish and come to an agreement on sharing the land!