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Chester Zoo!


Willow class had a wonderful time at the zoo and were finally able to see the songbirds in person! The children impressed me with their knowledge of the birds and enthusiasm for learning about the problems that face these beautiful creatures.


In Maths Willow class have begun their unit on multiplication and we are beginning to show equal groups practically. They should continue counting in 3s, 4s and 8s at home to practise their times tables knowledge.

This week in English the children will begin innovating their set of instructions and it will be Christmas themed to get us in the Christmas Spirit.


Please ensure you practise the children's lines with them as much as possible as the play is in just over a weeks time!


Sing for Songbirds

Willow class are coming to the end of their Maths unit on addition and subtraction, it has been a long unit as the children got to grips with formal methods of addition and subtraction for the first time. In Year 3 we have been learning some things for the first time and many children are showing motivation and resilience for learning!

In English we are beginning our Non-fiction unit on instructions. It would be a fab idea if you could make something with your children, following a set of instructions on how to make something for example, to see the kind of language which is used. (First, Next, After that...)

Willow Class' workshops with The Sing for Songbirds Project for Chester Zoo has sadly come to an end. The children had a wonderful few weeks completing a variety of activities as they learnt about preventing the extinction of Indonesian songbirds. They created their own songbirds through paper folding and were surprisingly good at telling the difference between different bird songs! Our last session was spent outdoors as tallied up all the different birds we could see outside the school.


We will be visiting Chester Zoo this Friday as whole school so we can see the importance of conserving wildlife!


Outdoor learning!

What an exciting week Willow have had! On Tuesday Willow class had the wonderful opportunity to partake in adventure activities at the PettyPool centre. They completed three activities - archery, wall climbing and crate stacking. Two of these activities involved children rooting for each other as they were brave enough to get up high in their harnesses. I am extremely proud of them, especially as they all worked incredibly well in their teams. When some children were unsure whether they wanted to complete the activities they supported and encouraged each other. All the pupils in Willow had learnt some excellent team building skills and also demonstrated their motivation and determination to try new things and succeed in the tasks. Well done!! :)


Here are some photos of the day:


On Monday this week I had arranged for Willow class to visit the Lion Salt Works as part of our Geography Topic. As well as learning about the local history of the Salt Mines - including how salt was produced and the working conditions in the mines, they learnt some vital mapping skills as they went on a 'hunt' using clues and map coordinates. They identified different map symbols and looked at historical maps.


Here are some photos of the day:


Welcome Back!

Our first week has flown by in Willow Class and we it has been a productive week! We had an election for Class Council, learnt about our new award 'Learner of the Week', explored our new classroom and Junior playground and gained new responsibilities through classroom jobs.

In English we have begun learning our new suspense story and doing some short burst writing such as diary entries. We have also been learning new words from the text in order to expand our vocabulary knowledge. Next week we'll continue to explore the text until we are ready to innovate!

In Maths we have done lots of practical work on three digit numbers and drawing them using base ten imagery - squares for hundreds, lines for tens and dots for ones. They have grasped this very well, well done Willow!

In topic we have been doing lots of art this week as part of our work on William Morris and some of this work will be put on display. As this term is about land, air and sea we have explored the outdoors and used natural resources to inspire our work.


Next week we will begin to look at how we can be an effective learner as this is especially important now the children are in Year 3.

A fantastic first week back!

A brilliant first week back.
In maths, the children have been looking at money and even when they have found it hard, they have shown excellent determination and resilience. They looked at adding the money together using number lines, mental strategies and the column method and then had to solve how much change they would get back when they gave in a certain amount. By the end of the week, they had become confident in using these strategies.

In English, we have been studying a new text, which is a wishing story. The children have been learning the text and looking at what it is about and what the vocabulary means. Next week, they will focus on editing and improving the text to make it their own.

This week in topic, the children have been making their Stone Age houses and have supported one another in the process. Next week, they will evaluate their designs.

We are all looking forward to another good week.

What a phenomenal start to the term

The children have come back with a positive attitude and have shown determination and resilience throughout all lessons.

This week in maths, the children have been looking at equivalent fractions. They studied what equivalent means and then matched the equivalent fractions together. They really impressed me with how much of an understanding they had. I am looking forward to seeing them build on this next week.

In English, the children have been looking at a new text called ‘the lost locket’. They have been learning the text alongside actions to portray it. The children also used a dictionary to find the meaning of vocabulary they didn’t know.

We have just started our new topic which the children were really engaged by and were intrigued to find out more. They asked lots of excellent and imaginative questions. They considered where the Stone Age belonged on a time line and also looked at cave painting, creating their own.
In PE, the children have started the topic athletics and have again showed a really positive attitude. I am looking forward to next week. Well done year 3!

A busy, but brilliant week!

What a jam-packed week.

It has been multi-faith week, which the children enthusiastically embraced and loved as they learned about different faiths.

The children also took part in Bollywood dancing, which they were eager to join in and learn about.


blog 1

In maths this week, the children have been continuing with fractions. They have been looking at tenths which they will continue next week.

In English, they finished their portals stories, which were engaging and fantastic to read.

Keep up the hard work year 3

A busy, but exciting week!

In English, the children have been finishing improvements to their texts. They have developed the vocabulary and looked at editing it to make it better. I can't wait to read their hot tasks next week as their ideas have been excellent.

This week in maths, the children have been working on finding a fraction of a number using the bar model. They grew with confidence using this method.

In topic, the children have been looking at what a mosque looks like and compared it with a church. On our trip on Friday to a mosque in Liverpool, the children were extremely intrigued and asked some phenomenal questions. They represented Oak View Academy brilliantly and their positive behaviour got commented on.

Keep up the hard work.

They keep on believing, expecting and succeeding !

Another brilliant week!

In English, the children were improving the portal story which we have been looking at to make it even better. The children worked on inverted commas and how to include speech effectively in their stories.

In maths , the children have started to look at fractions. They studied recognising fractions of a shape and number. They also looked at what a numerator and denominator is. The children will continue to work on fractions next week.

In computing, the children considered how we can improve our town and started to create a poster to explain their ideas.

In PE, they focused on tag rugby - the rules and how to play - ready for the match next week.

Keep up the hard work, year 3.

A lovely week in Willow class

It has been an exciting week.

In maths, the children have been very enthusiastic about telling the time. They looked at when am and pm are and what time it shows when the hands move round.

In English, the children looked at improving the thriller and suspense text. The vocabulary they included was brilliant. Next week, the children will consider what their problem will be in their story.

In computing this week, the children used scratch on the IPads which they absolutely loved as they created their own sprite and made it speak and move. Next week they will look at creating a setting for their sprite.

blog 3

In music, the children focused on a range of music from Great Britain and compared them with one another.

On Friday afternoon , we went on a lovely walk to Delamere forest, which the children loved. Throughout the walk we discussed the landmarks which they could see, such as how did we know it was a lake they were walking round. They were intrigued by this.

Keep it up year 3