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10 Little Pumpkins

This week in the Acorn Preschool the children have been preoccupied with thoughts about Halloween. They have loved the story ‘Ten Spooky Skeletons’ which has supported them with counting from 1-10.

The song of the week “10 Little Pumpkins” has also helped the children with saying the counting numbers from 1-10. This song also helped the children with individually separating their fingers as they put each ‘little pumpkin’ up in the air. Helping young children to be able to focus on and move each individual finger will help them with developing their skills needed for writing. Play a game with your child at home, ask them to copy and touch each finger at a time with their thumb, or raising each finger individually as you sing 10 Little Pumpkins.


At the start of the week the children loved it whilst the classroom was decorated with lots of spooky Halloween items. In the writing area children used black pens to decorate the pumpkin with a face and to draw straight lines to make spiders webs. In the role-play area the children dressed up in spooky costumes and used cauldrons with eye balls, bats and skeletons to make spells and potions.  The children have loved making a variety of spooky inspired craft – including using red crayon for blood writing (letters from their name), painting Halloween pictures and spooky green slime in the play dough area.


On Friday we finished the week with a fabulous Halloween Party, complete with trick or treating and lots of yummy party food (many thanks for the donations.) 

For the Learning Showcase, Acorns did a wonderful performance of one of their favourite songs – ‘Tommy Thumb’ – which you can watch as part of the full Oak View Academy learning showcase video on the school Facebook page (we are at the very end – approx 9 mins in).


Stars of the day this week were Bella, Jacob and Carson – well done to you all.

Wishing you all a restful half term holiday filled with laughter and family time. We look forward to welcoming you back in a week and hope that you all stay safe.