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10 Little Pumpkins

This week in the Acorn Preschool the children have continued to explore the story ‘Where’s Spot?’ but have adapted it to have a spooky feel, with ‘Where’s the Ghost?’ As we searched through the house, they found witches, zombies, dragons, spiders, a skeleton and a pumpkin. Adapting a familiar story in this way helps the children to build their verbal storytelling skills. This approach is from ‘Talk for Writing’, which is a teaching approach followed throughout Oak View Academy Primary School. In Nursery, the focus is on developing clear spoken skills, creating correct verbal sentences, leading to early writing experiences.


This story has also really helped the children with developing their positional language. Use this language with your child as you play hide and seek around the house – modeling the language ‘Is he/she inside the cupboard/ under the table/ in the bathroom/ next to the fridge?’

In PE, the spooky theme continued with the children moving in a variety of ways, looking like Halloween characters. In the role-play area the children dressed up in spooky costumes and made spells and potions. The water tray turned red, with eyeballs and other creepy ingredients being used to help make witchy brew. At the play dough table, spiders were created.


The children have loved making a variety of spooky inspired craft – including using red paint to mark make in ‘blood’, tissue paper to wrap and create mummies and pumpkins.

The song of the week “10 Little Pumpkins” has helped the children with counting from 1-10 and back again. This song also helped the children with individually separating their fingers as they put eat ‘little pumpkin’ up in the air. Helping young children to be able to focus on and move each individual finger will help them with developing their skills for writing skills. Play a game with your child at home, as them to copy and touch each finger at a time, or raising each finger individually as you sing 10 Little Pumpkins.


Stars of the day this week were Bobby-Joe, Matilda, Millie, Madison and Bobby – well done to you all.

Happy Half term holidays to all our Acorns and their families.

See you in November