Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

A mysterious package appeared in Maple class on Friday morning. We wondered who it could be from, who left us a present? To give us a clue, the wrapping said it was delivered from the North Pole…When we opened it we discovered an elf inside and a message from Santa!


Santa had sent his elf to spy on us this Christmas Season, ensuring we are behave well in school! But also, we were warned that this elf could be quite mischievous, we thought about what the word mischievous meant and realised we should keep our eyes open for silly elf behaviour. I wonder what kind of havoc it will cause next week?



In Maths Maple Class have been superstars at┬ámultiplication and division, I have been wonderfully impressed by every child’s dedication to their work!


In English Maple Class have been writing their stories based on Lost and Found, which I have ┬ávery much enjoyed reading this week. Well done Maple! We thought a bit more on where our full stops and capital letters should go as I guessed there might a punctuation thief in class – this is something some of us need to be checking for when writing.


In the afternoon, Maple Class went on a little wander outside the school grounds thinking of how they can add a key to a map. They have also been working extra hard on rehearsing for our Christmas Play with Cedar Class.