Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

What do you call an elf hanging from the ceiling? An Elfcicle!

Maple class have had a very busy week this week! The play is next Tuesday and we have been working incredibly hard during rehearsals. Here’s a sneak peek:


Elf on the Shelf is continuing to cause mischief in Maple class. This week, he made an awful mess of our book area when he was looking for a book to read! He also went missing for a few days, we thought about where he could be and eventually found him in Santa’s Grotto in Juniper’s class.

The children have also been taking turns taking a date off the Christmas Calendar and have enjoyed reading out the Christmas jokes!

In Maths Maple class have been continuing with multiplication and in English we have began our new unit on instructions identifying ‘bossy’ verbs (get, mix, put, chop etc.) and ‘time’ words (first, next, after that, finally) and retold our instructions on ‘How to Look After a Friendly Penguin’. Next week we will begin innovating our own set of instructions.

On Friday, some children went to a ports competition at Tarporley High School. We had lots of fun and enjoyed the different activities, such as, lap races, chest throw and long jump and all children tried their best! Well done!


Maple class have also began making Christmas tree ornaments out of clay. We thought about instructions whilst making them, using language such as ‘first’ and ‘next’. Next week we will paint them bright colours and they’ll hopefully be ready in time for the end of term.



There hasn’t been a celebration assembly this week and, due to the busy Christmas period and setting up the hall for rehearsals, there will not be a celebration ceremony next week either. Star of the day will continue.