Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

The Acorn Preschool children started the week with a visit to Manchester Airport Runway Visitor Park. We had a great time going inside a Monarch plane to see what it is like. We dressed up and pretended to be police, fire rescue and flight attendants. The children were also lucky enough to be able to go to the flight deck and pretend to be the pilot.








After our visit inside the plane, we then went to watch the planes landing at the runway. The children saw the biggest plane of all, the Emirates A380, land as it arrived back from Dubai. We watched many other planes taking off and landing, and we were always so surprised how easy it looks for them to lift off the ground to fly.




The children were so well behaved and loved watching the planes. They even spent lots of time flying round themselves too!



For the rest of the week, we have spent time singing our song of the week, which was ‘Ten little airplanes’, and the book of the week which was ‘Miffy Goes Flying’. We have constructed an airport with the wooden blocks and sorted planes into longest and shortest.

This week the children have been building on their understanding of rhyme through singing rhyming songs and playing a rhyming pairs matching game. We have had lots of cats and hats, bugs on mugs and bears on chairs! But the children are getting the hang of rhyme needing to sound the same. They have even been exploring making a nonsense rhyming word for their own names too!

Stars of the Day this week were Jason P. Amelia, Molly and Alissa. Well done to you all!