Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

This week Maple class have done a fantastic job at writing their recounts for the Fox Howl trip. Those children who did not join us learnt about what we had done and did a fab job at joining in!

We have been focusing on our writing skills this week, looking at improving our sentences and thinking about our grammar and punctuation. Next week Maple class will be looking at applying these skills in some independent writing tasks and we will be writing descriptions of ourselves for our topic books.

In Maths we have looked at jumping in tens and ones to refresh our memory of those vital number skills and looked at mixed true and false questions. For example 22 + 13 = 30 is this true or false? Prove it!

In topic we have had PSHE where the children made some excellent points in the difference between boys and girls. We learnt pink isn’t just a girls colour and some boys admitted to wearing pink t-shirts and playing with dolls and that that is ok! Maple class learnt the most important thing is not to stereotype, girls can be good at football, too!

In Computing, Maple class used the iPads to create pictures in the style of picasso. They very much enjoyed his abstract style! They practised first in their sketchbooks and next week we’ll use collage to create similar pictures in this style.

Also, in class assembly we learnt the importance if E-safety and the children came up with ideas of what to do if they come across something that isn’t appropriate on the internet. Maple class are very sensible and they knew to tell an adult when going on the internet.

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