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Sing for Songbirds

Willow class are coming to the end of their Maths unit on addition and subtraction, it has been a long unit as the children got to grips with formal methods of addition and subtraction for the first time. In Year 3 we have been learning some things for the first time and many children are showing motivation and resilience for learning!

In English we are beginning our Non-fiction unit on instructions. It would be a fab idea if you could make something with your children, following a set of instructions on how to make something for example, to see the kind of language which is used. (First, Next, After that…)

Willow Class’ workshops with The Sing for Songbirds Project for Chester Zoo has sadly come to an end. The children had a wonderful few weeks completing a variety of activities as they learnt about preventing the extinction of Indonesian songbirds. They created their own songbirds through paper folding and were surprisingly good at telling the difference between different bird songs! Our last session was spent outdoors as tallied up all the different birds we could see outside the school.


We will be visiting Chester Zoo this Friday as whole school so we can see the importance of conserving wildlife!