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9 Little Chicks join the Acorn children

This week the Acorn Preschool children were soooo excited to be joined by an incubator containing 9 eggs. We were very hopeful that they would hatch out to be chicks and not snakes or crocodiles (like in our story of the week – The Odd Egg)!




On Monday, the children went on an egg hunt as the chocolate eggs had gone missing and so, just like Buster in ‘Oh Dear’, we had to search in all different parts of the school until we found the nest with the eggs. It was such good fun, and the children used the story language of ‘no eggs here, oh dear’ at every search point.




By Tuesday, we had been joined by 1 little chick, who decided to put in an early appearance. The children were fascinated and watched as he struggled to keep himself awake after the exhausting effort of leaving its egg. The children were keen to draw pictures and write about what they could see.


During our physical development session on Tuesday the children were encouraged to develop their balance through climbing onto and walking along equipment in the hall. At the end, the children also had to control their body to successfully jump off and land. It is really important for young children to develop their sense of balance as it supports them in so many ways, including with their writing and posture when sitting.



By Wednesday morning, we had successfully hatched out 7 chicks, and were eagerly awaiting the final 2. The children who stay for the afternoon session were so lucky to witness one of the chicks hatching out from its shell. (A video clip of this has been shared via twitter.)

The children explored counting and maths problems through counting the eggs and chicks, matching eggs into numicon shapes and working out how many male and female chicks we had altogether. During our start of each day, we are also working on saying which number is 1 more than a given number. You can help your child with this by asking them to tell you 1 more than any number up to 10.



The children have expressed their experience around the newly hatched chicks through combining different media. They used their fine motor skills to cut out chicks and creating nests with straw.

As we were so focused on eggs this week, our song of the week had to be ‘Humpty Dumpty’. Practice this song with your child at home and see if they can come up with any other ideas of where Humpty Dumpty could sit – on a stair, floor, in a chair…

Thank you for all the parents who managed to make it to parents teacher meetings this week. It has been lovely to share in all the positive things that the children are able to do.

Star of the Day this week were Mia, Caleb, Lilly, Seth and Faith – well done to all of you.