Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

In English, Hawthorn Class have been recording witness accounts from a crime scene. They have altered quotes from various people and reported the incident using indirect speech.

In Maths, we have consolidated our knowledge of regular and irregular polygons. The children used what they know about the properties of shapes to figure out a range of missing lengths and angles.

This week, Hawthorn Class celebrated the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore. The children spent time writing lovely messages for Sir Tom, saying how inspired they were by his determination and perseverance. We decorated lots of rainbows to display outside school and we even took part in Oak View’s very own collective 100 lap challenge throughout the week. Some members of Hawthorn class challenged themselves to reach 100 laps of their own! Year 5, along with the rest of the school, have proved that when you put your mind to something you really can achieve anything!