About Us

At The Oak View Primary Academy we are proud to deliver a rich creative learning experience that enables all the children to fulfil their potential. Our vision puts children first. When children enjoy all aspects of school and are enthusiastic, independent learners they gain the most from their education. We believe this climate for success is delivered through the creation of equal partnership between children, parents and the school.

The curriculum at our school is broad and balanced, fulfilling all National Curriculum requirements. We structure learning to allow for as many creative cross curricular opportunities as possible. Underpinning this children take part in curriculum related visits that focus and further develop their learning.  In the mornings we have a strong focus on developing the basic skills of Reading, Writing and Maths as they underpin learning in all other areas of the curriculum.  Children have daily phonics/reading lessons as well as key skills sessions where they are able to practice their mental maths, handwriting and spelling skills.

In addition to the National Curriculum, we have identified a range of skills and learning experiences that our children need, and which will help them to develop as citizens of Britain both now and in the future.  Our PSHE curriculum focuses on developing the children’s values of Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-Violence, all of which underpin the British values which are also taught.

In the Foundation Stage, staff have identified the key skills which the children should be taught and alongside the EYFS curriculum, these form a key part of our provision within Acorn Pre-school and Juniper class (Reception).

Learning takes place in single year classes and children are encouraged to work in partnership with the teacher. Rather than just teaching knowledge, we also focus on skills, enabling children to build upon each learning experience and become skilled independent learners.

Over the next two years we are participating in the Primary Writing Project.  This is supported by the Education Endowment Fund, which is supporting a new research and development project into raising standards in writing using the basic principles of initiatives such as ‘talk for writing’ and ‘grammar for writing’.  This new initiative is based on clusters of schools working together, sharing expertise.

We value all parents as partners in their child’s learning and each term we publish a curriculum outline explaining what each class will be covering and also weekly homework tasks. Should you have any questions about what your child is learning please contact his/her teacher.