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Our Curriculum

A Typical School Day

We operate a rolling start and end to the day.  Our school day starts between 8.30-8.40am and children can be dropped off at the classroom between these times. Our school day ends at 3.15pm.

We offer a breakfast club to support our families from 8am (chargeable).

After school care is available up to 5pm each day on request (chargeable).

Our Curriculum Is More Than Just Learning…

Helping all our children fulfil their potential in every way is at the heart of our comprehensive and innovative education programme.

Intent: to open the children’s eyes to the wonder of the world around them both now and in the past; how it relates to them and how it will influence their futures.

We recognise that some of our children start school with gaps in their language development, understanding of vocabulary and have limited life experiences. We provide a curriculum and support that makes up the deficit in these areas. We are determined that over time all children will achieve age related expectations in the core subjects.

Implementation: We are proud to deliver stimulating learning, which engages children of all backgrounds and abilities.
As a school, we are making significant improvements and are on our way to becoming outstanding.
Our success is based on an equal partnership between children, parents and the school.
Learning at Oak View is broad and balanced and is based on the National Curriculum.
Each half term/term, the learning is structured into a Science, History or Geography based topic.  Other subjects are linked to the topic wherever possible, but some subjects are taught discreetly.  Our curriculum is structured to allow for as many creative opportunities as possible.
Children regularly enjoy curriculum-related days out, are taught phonics (Read Write Inc) and reading on a daily basis, and undertake key-skills sessions to practice mental maths, handwriting and spelling.

We pride ourselves on developing the children’s self esteem and sense of self as individuals within all our children. Our ethos of Believe, Expect, Succeed underpins the British values at Oak View.

In 2021-22 we are working on developing the basic skills in KS1 and developing the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world they live in through our curriculum in KS2.

Early Years Intent in Action – Implementation plan

Curriculum And Ethos

Staff have identified the key skills our children should have as they enter school. Alongside the EYFS curriculum, these form an important part of our focus within Little Acorns, Acorn Pre-school and Juniper class (Reception).  A key area of this focus is developing the children’s spoken language and understanding and use of vocabulary. Therefore, we provide a language rich environment throughout the school to support our children’s development in this area.

Learning takes place in single year classes and children are encouraged to work in partnership with their teacher.
In addition to building pupils’ academic knowledge, we focus on a wide range of practical skills, which enable them to become skilled independent learners.
We are enthusiastic about being part of the Maths Hub Working Group, which aims to raise standards in maths by using Mastery teaching methods.

Each term we publish a curriculum outline which explains what each year group will be covering.
Should you have any questions about what your child is learning please contact his or her teacher. Further details are on the homepage of each class.

Curriculum Details

Ethos And Values