Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Acorn children find colours everywhere!

As the Acorn Preschool children continue to settle down into their new school year, they have been looking all around for colours. We have now created all the animals from the book, ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ using a variety of different paint and sticking activities – these can be seen on the wall in the classroom. Feel free to come in and look at them with your child when you drop off or pick up.

Our book of the week was ‘Maisy’s Rainbow Dream’ where the children explored all the different colours that Maisie Mouse sees in her dream, on the way to Rainbow Land. Our song of the week, ‘The Rainbow Song’ also developed the children’s understanding about the names of the many colours they see.



Unfortunately, some of the Acorn children did not choose to play carefully with the resources in our outdoor area, and so the willow wall was destroyed and had to be removed. Please remind your child about how to treat the things they find around them and to have ‘kind hands.’

Despite this minor blip, we have been so happy to see how well the Acorn children are responding to the routines of the classroom, especially at tidy up time.


We have celebrated a birthday this week too!

Stars of the day this week were Ruby, Jasper, Demi, Lily, Max – well done to you all.