Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Acorn fire brigade make some daring rescues and put out all the fires

This week with the Acorns, they have explored playing as superheroes and firemen and women. The phone was constantly ringing with daring rescues required, or fires to put out. The children selected their own props to support their play and engaged in various roles with their friends.


The children love PJ Masks & Paw Patrol, so wearing masks of these characters has helped us to enjoy our imaginative play and make daring rescues together. We even worked together to pull out an enormous strawberry and an enormous watermelon (following the similar predictable story theme from Enormous Turnip.)




Song of the Week was Teddy Bear Teddy Bear – which helped the children to begin to tune in to words which rhyme – e.g. round, ground, toes, nose etc. We have been playing the game ‘Slug in a Jug’ which has also introduced pairs of rhyming words.


Stars of the day this week were: Martin, Daisy, Libby, Radley (home learning) and Bella – well done to you all.