Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Acorns celebrate Chinese New Year

This week, the Acorn Preschool opened up a new Chinese takeaway restaurant, which very quickly had orders for food coming in over the phone and visitors in person. With rice, noodles, spring rolls and sweet and sour chicken, to name but a few of the dishes on offer, the children were speedy at making the food, and polite and courteous in selling the item. The cost of items however, was rather expensive – with $4000 being requested for 1 pack of rice!!



The start of the week continued to see the children’s interest in using their fiddly fingers to try to find the right key to open the padlocks and allow them to rescue one of the characters from Fireman Sam. This resource has proved very popular.

















This week on Whitby’s Lane, the Acorns noticed that lots of building work has been going on, and this has inspired us to ‘dig up the road’ in our outdoor area, using coloured tape to shut off part of the area where bikes would normal travel. This has allowed the children the opportunity to use tools and talk about plans they have for fixing things. By the end of the week, we say a huge excavator arrive, so went across the playground to talking to one of the workmen about what they are doing. The questions that the children came up with were very interesting and helped us to find out more about what they were doing and why they wore hard hats and bright jackets.







Celebrating the life of Captain Sir Tom with the Acorns this week included undertaking laps each day – on foot, with music, on bikes and trikes. Children also explored colour mixing when making a rainbow.





We have continued with our focus on developing early phonics with the children in school, and they have been making us so proud of how well they remember the first 7 sounds to which we have introduced them. We will be continuing to introduce the next few sounds, using pictures and actions, as well as rhymes, to help the children with recognising each sound.