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Acorns get excited about Winter and a visit to Santa’s reindeer farm

The Acorn Preschool children have been excited this week by the change in the weather, and so our focus has been on Winter weather. Jack Frost has captured the children’s imaginations by painting everything white!


We have played in the ‘snow’ for sensory experiences in a number of ways – including the shredded paper and the cornflour gloop! It has been lovely to explore what happens when the ‘snow’ is thrown in the air or when you use your hands and fingers in the gloop to make shapes.


The children have also spotted some starnge footprints in the ‘snow’ (on the floor) in the classroom – Are they from a polar bear? Are they from a reindeer? We have been jumping on them and counting them all week.


On Thursday, the Acorn children were taken on a visit to the Cheshire Reindeer Lodge to meet Santa and to feed his reindeer. The children were very excited about this visit and it didn’t disappoint. The reindeer were so furry and slobbery (when they ate the reindeer food off our hands) and their antlers were HUGE!


We met many elves, including Trixie, Candy and Tiny – they kept us amused with songs and dances and they even put on a show. Santa made an appearance in the middle of the show, and every child got the chance to say hello to Santa and to receive a little Christmas gift from him.

We were so proud of all of the Acorn children. They were well behaved, listened to instructions and, most importantly, had lots of fun!!


The rest of our time this week has been spent preparing for the EYFS Christmas play – ‘The Innkeeper’s Breakfast’. The children have been busy learning their words and the songs, and this week they have explored going into the hall to perform. The children are trying their very best, and can’t wait to share the play with their friends and family next week.


Stars of the Day this week has been Harriet, Landon and Lewis – well done to you all.