Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Please keep sending pictures of your rainbows.

How clever experimenting mixing primary colours to make your rainbow, it is beautiful.


Acorns have been busy developing role play ideas.

Does your car need washing?

Would you like to be a Roman for the day?

Lets play School

Just 50p for a slice of pizza!

I have enjoyed looking at your minibeast photos.

In my garden I found a lot of spiders.

I made a spider by cutting out a circle and colouring it in.

But the poor spider has no legs!

Choose a number, then use pegs to peg on the number of legs the spider needs! Can you write the number? Remember take a photo and send it to me via learning book.

Fine Motor Counting Spider Activity

The song for today is incy wincy spider


Below is a link to the story ‘The very busy spider’. Do you have any spider songs or stories you could share?


Acorn Preschool