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Acorns say Hello to the Snowy Animals


The Acorn Preschool children have been excited this week with the weather turning increasingly colder and more wintery. Sow fall and icy starts to the day have helped with this excitement. We have enjoyed reading the story ‘Say Hello to the Snowy Animals’ to support the children to learn new vocabulary linked to animals who live in the polar regions. 

This book has introduced them to husky dog, seal, caribou, whale, polar bear, puffin, snowy owl and arctic hare. Through playing with the small world animals, the children have explored the different landscape of ice and snow. Lots of cuddly animals arrived too, and the children have loved playing with them in their role play. 

Some children have been learning from home this week, and have equally been exploring the similar topic of snow and ice.

We look forward to seeing more of the learning from the children at home and sharing it on the blog for all to see.

Stay safe.