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Acorns turn into Superheroes to save the world!

This week the Acorn Preschool children received a letter from the Joker, telling them that he had captured all the superheroes and no one could stop him from ruling  the world. The Acorns were very quick to decide that they must become superheroes, and must try to save them. This meant that the children worked hard to design superhero capes, make shields and practice their super powers so that they would be super strong.


There have been lots of rescues and traps set. The children have built super hideouts and have made many phone calls to try to gain the help of other superheroes. Our books of the week were ‘Supertato’, ‘Superworm’ and also ‘Super Duck’ – 3 different superheroes, who all work hard to help save others.

Also this week, we discovered that the tadpoles that had kindly been donated by Ruby’s family had grown legs and were slowly turning into frogs. By Thursday we were ready to release the frog back into the school pond. Hopefully this frog will continue to provide us with frogspawn so that we can collect it for years to come.

Stars of the Day this week were Jasper, Liza and Poppy – well done to you all.