Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

All kinds of celebrations – Bonfire night and Remembrance

The Acorn Preschool children have been exploring some seasonal celebrations that are happening this week.


Firstly, they enjoyed the wonder of Bonfire night and fireworks. To explore the theme of Bonfire Night, the children were given opportunities to talk about what they had seen and heard over the weekend. We explored more about fireworks, bonfires and Guy Fawkes. On Monday, the children made breadstick sparklers  – which were yummy! This helped them with listening and attention skills to following instructions.

To build on the excitement about fireworks, the children enjoyed many firework themed activities through their play, including large-scale firework drawing with chalks, and using sticking to create their own rockets. The children even built a ‘bonfire’ outside and danced to Katy Perry “Firework’ using ribbons, their own firework rockets and instruments.

As it has been so dark lately, even throughout the day, the children have loved exploring with torches. In complete contrast, when the sun came through, the children noticed shadows and the fun that can be had with creating different shaped shadows. Isn’t the world a place full of wonder!

Book of the week has been ‘Octopus Socktopus’ which has helped developed words which rhyme – the children have loved the different words which follow the rhyme of ‘octopus’ – including knickerboctopus, helicopterpus and chotopus! Nick Sharratt is a wonderful author, which I can highly recommend all of his books. A great idea for Christmas gifts.

Rhyme of the week was ‘Round and Round the Garden’ – which encouraged the children to make contact and interact with their friends in a fun way.

On Thursday, the children turned their attention to Rememberance Day, and the children explored the theme of ‘Remembering’ through watching the Cbeebies video called ‘Poppies’, which shows a rabbit, affected by the war and fighting, before the scene returns to fields of poppies. As a sign of Acorns remembering the soldiers, the children have created their own poppy wreath, which we will  take up to the memorial display in school on Monday.

Stars of the day this week were James, Noah and Ava-Rose – well done to you all!