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All the colours of the rainbow!

This week the Acorn Preschool children have been continuing to explore the colours. The week started with Mrs Alford’s home baking mini cakes – which were red, yellow, blue and green. They even turned our tongues different colours too!

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The children have learnt the rainbow song to help them remember their colours. You can find a link on Youtube to watch and sing this song with your child at home. Dancing with coloured scarves has also been quite an event this week.


The children have shown that they can now orally retell the story of Brown Bear, so this week we have written our own version of the Brown Bear Brown Bear story – using animals and colours that we know. Pink snake, blue lion, red parrot, yellow butterfly and purple spider all featured in the new version.9e707a9e782d409b91b19915adb0f8bb-2016-09-29-09-54-56_photo      d90012c03bc34c6589b231770a8209b5-2016-09-29-10-34-08_photo

Through our book of the week, the children began to think about what happens when we mix certain colours. The children used their hands to rub 2 colours together and see what colour was created. Talk to your child about mixing colours and see if they can begin to remember which colours mix to make new colours.



On Tuesday, the Acorn Preschool children enjoyed a trip to the farm. This linked in with looking at the colours on the farm. Following a scarecrow hunt, we found many different animals, equipment and food which were different colours.. We also saw horses, sheep, cows and chickens. We helped to harvest the fruit and vegetables, including the biggest carrots we had seen and 3 different sized pumpkins! One was enormous and was not easy to lift! We are looking forward to cooking with these pumpkins next week. Finally, we were all able to plant some bulbs so that in the Springtime we will be able to see beautiful daffodils.

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At the start of the year, we have a trained speech therapist in school to undertake a screening with all the Nursery children. This looks at their use of language, their understanding of language and also picks up on any difficulties with speech sounds, listening and attention. Following from this screening, advice has been given to build on the concepts that the children know and understand.

You can support your child with understanding these at home, through your everyday interactions, so I have included a list of them below.

2-3 years


On, off, in, out, up, down, under, top, open, shut


Big, small/little, long


1, 2


Stop, go/start, loud, quiet, heavy, soft, fast, hot, cold

3-4 years


Bottom, behind, first, near


Short (length & height)


3, every, none


Hard, slow, light (weight), many colours

4-5 years


Middle, around, away from, between, through, next to/beside, last, in front, in a line, corner, middle


Short, tall, fat, thin


4, 5, most, few, pair


Same, different




Stars of the day this week are: Ethyn, Lissy, Niamh and Miya-Louise. Well done for all your hard work and good choices.