Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Anglo-Saxon art

Date: Friday 4th December 2020

Wow! What a fantastic week for Sycamore class! This week the children have designed, created and evaluated their Anglo-Saxon pots. The children had to decide on creating a pinch pot or a coil pot. We went through the method of making both types of pots. The children also discussed the uses of pots in Anglo-Saxon times. Once the pots were completed, the children evaluated their work and sketched their designs in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.

Sycamore class have also engaged in lots of other fun activities this week such a military school and bench ball. The children have been working on their team skills during military school sessions that take place on a Monday. This week the children built their own vehicles and also had the opportunity to test their creations out!