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Animals Take Over


This week in the Acorn Preschool, the children continued to explore the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’, but created their own whole class version, which involved Batgirl taking different fruit to Batman, but losing it along the way! The children re-enacted the story when playing outside by carrying hoops on their head, similar to how Handa is seen carrying the fruit basket. For many, it was not easy when you moved your hands away from the hoop!!




We were so excited to invite Lyndsay Hunter from ‘Animals Take Over’ into the Preschool on Wednesday, and she brought with her some wonderful creatures – including a giant millipede, tarantula, tree frog, snake, chinchilla, hedgehog and barn owl. The children were fascinated and so brave to look at, touch and hold the animals, and some even managed to have them round their neck or even on their head!! This developed some lovely discussion and vocabulary development with the children, with many of them describing the animals, explaining what they already know and building their speech to express themselves clearly throughout the experience.


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On Thursday the focus once again was on speech and language development , as we invited the parents into the setting to enjoy a session of ‘Coffee, Cake and Communicate’. This was a fun session, lead by the Chatterjack’s Speech therapy team who support many children in the Acorn Preschool. They demonstrated how we can support children with developing their listening and attention, expressive (spoken) and receptive (understanding) language at home through some simple activities. The children loved having the parents in whilst they engaged with the activities based on food and the body.

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On Friday, the ‘Share a story’ had a summery feel, with songs being enjoyed in the outdoor area with our parents. The Grand Old Duke of York was the song of the week, plus we have enjoyed singing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, Sleeping Bunnies and Alice the Camel. Practice these songs at home to build your child’s ability to join in at school, as we continue to repeat our favourite songs to build a broad variety of songs that are known.




Stars of the day this week were Lilly, Lola-Rose, Miya and Jason F – well done to you all.


Enjoy your half term holidays – we look forward to welcoming you all back to the final term in Nursery – with lots of exciting activities planned and prepared!

NOTE: Sports day is in Monday 12th June in the afternoon (usually from 1pm). All Acorn Preschool children are invited to come and join in with Nursery races. We ask that any Acorns who do not stay for the full day on Mondays, and who wish to participate, come back to school with parents and carers. When Mrs Alford & Mrs Woodall come out onto the field, we ask for all the Nursery children to come and join us for the Nursery events, then we return the children back to parents and carers to stay and enjoy watching the remaining events or to go home.