Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Another busy week in Cedar

This week the children have really enjoyed being artists as we studied the work of Andy Warhol and then tried to recreate some of his ‘Toy Print Series’ paintings.

First we painted the background in quarters using the same bright colours that he used. Some children thought that Warhol chose bright colours because they make people happy which was a lovely thought. After painting the background we used sponges in the shape of toys to print a toy in each quarter. Finally we added some details to the paintings using pastels.


In English we have been learning a set of instructions on how to build a bear. Then on Wednesday we received a letter in the post from a toy maker at Build-a-Bear called Bobby who had just started working there but the instructions he had been given were all mixed up! Luckily Cedar knew how to order them so we set them back to Bobby ready for our own visit to Build-a-Bear on Monday when we will be making our very own class bear!


We have continued developing our counting and number skills in maths and the children were fantastic at spotting mistakes I was making when I was writing number sequences- it’s a good job they were there to help me!

In swimming the children have been getting their faces wet and blowing bubbles as they swim, helping to increase their confidence and skills!

Well done to you all for another fantastic week.