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Around the World Week

Last week, Oak View embarked on their very own trip around the world. Each class visited the seven continents and looked at the human and physical geography of that continent.

The children started off in their own classrooms before having a new experience, with a new teacher and continent. When looking at Europe, the children first of all looked at it’s location in the wider world then focused on several of it’s countries and capital cities.







When looking at Asia, the children tasted food from a wide variety of countries, as well as looking at their geographical location within Asia. The map on the left shows where children thought the countries of Asia were located, and the map on the right shows the children’s locational knowledge at the end of the afternoon-  as you can see the post-its have been relocated.

Africa focused on African art by the artist Gakonga.  An inspirational artists who makes colours dance across white paper, allowing children of all ages to create their own effective painting easily.

The smallest continent of Australasia focused on its original inhabitants, the aborigines. Children in Juniper class, Maple and Willow class made traditional dot paintings and boomerangs, which were used to kill animals for food. The children also looked at some of the countries which make up Australasia.





















North America looked at the infamous landmarks across the states including the Empire State Building, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park. Maple, Cedar, Juniper, Willow and Sycamore class all learnt about the climate of South America and utilised their map skills to answer questions about different countries and their average rainfall and temperature. Cedar class also made rainmakers from old recycled plastic bottles.

The continent of Antarctica looked at the location of the poles and the animals you would find in them. The children were surprised to learn that you would only find polar bears in the North Pole and penguins in the South Pole!