Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

We have been looking at careers and the things we aspire to do in the future this week in school.

We started the week with thinking about what career we would all like to have when we are adults. We had some great suggestions! Then we thought about what skills we would need and what we need to develop in order to be good at that job.

We had a head chef trainer visit our class to talk about his job, what he has to do, what he did after he finished school to become a chef and what subjects at school are important to be a chef – there were more than you think!

In maths we have been doing lots of different investigations. On Thursday we did a Smarties investigation where we had to estimate and predict the amount and the colours then we could open them and see if our predictions were right.

In science we were testing materials to see if they were bendy, squashy and stretchy. The children got to test each material we used and made great observations about them all.

On Friday we had a Mad Science workshop! The children got to watch a demonstration of a volcano made from baking powder and vinegar.

Then they all got to make their own slime from other household items. They showed some real team work helping each other measure out the liquids. At the end, they all really enjoyed this and got to take a pot of slime home with them.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Coe and Mrs Jones