Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

“Astronauts eat moon cakes”

This week we have continued to learn more on our topic of space and stars. The children wanted to know what astronauts eat and find out about space food. This led to us having a surprise on Friday afternoon of making our own moon cakes. All of the Juniper children loved making these cakes and had so much fun using their imagination. The children were using amazing language when making the cakes “The cakes look like the moon because the moon has lumps on it.” Juniper children used fantastic imagination through the entire process of their moon cake making process; “I have got lots of craters on my moon cake”, “It’s not heavy, it’s light because in space everything floats”.


The children in Juniper class have been busy learning the sequence of our story ‘Star in the Jar’. We have been learning this through reading the story, using pictures of the story and through a song. We have been working really hard on our Star in the Jar story song ready for our show stopper performance next Friday.

Another great week, well done Junipers!

Have a lovely weekend!