Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Autumn is all around the Acorns!

This week in the Acorn Preschool, the children have explored the changes they can feel and see around them as Autumn changes the weather and trees.


In the investigation area the children were exploring the different textures of the conkers, leaves and beech nuts. They developed their vocabulary to describe smooth, bumpy, spikey, soft and crunchy. In the maths area, the children were counting with conkers, trying to put the correct number of conkers in the correct cup. The song of the week – Autumn Leaves are falling Down – also built on the children’s understanding of the changes that are happening in the world around them. Talk to your child when you are out and about and encourage them to notice the leaves falling down, collect conkers, acorns, spinners and leaves. Try to give the children the opportunities to question what is happening in the world, why it is happening, asking what things are, or what they are for. In this way, they will build on their understanding and begin to make connections about their learning.

On Monday the children came to school dressed in all the colours they could find for our ‘Elmer’s Day Parade.’ (Unfortunately we were having so much fun, Mrs Alford forgot to take a group photo!) The children also explored colour whilst making their own collage Elmer Elephant using a milk bottle, sticky drippy glue and tissue paper.


On Tuesday, the Acorns enjoyed a visit to the Weaver Dairy House Farm, where Rosie the farmer took us on a colour hunt around the farm, following the story ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’. As we explored the farm, we discovered different animals and famr machinery, including the Kune Kune pigs, red Hereford Cows,, black faced Shropshire sheep, orange tractor, red muck spreader and white digger. The children were so good at following instructions and keeping themselves safe as they moved around the farm and loved being outdoors on the farm. They fed the pigs and chickens and watched the digger and tractor in action.


Back at Preschool, the children have explored lots of imaginary play with the builders’ tools. They have been seen to be fixing (or demolishing?) the house and outdoor area. The children’s love for building was also followed hrough the book of the week ‘Tip Tip Dig Dig’ – which features lots of heavy building machinery which helps to dig, lift, tip, mix, roll and push to create an adventure playground from an area of mess. The children explored different actions for each machine. See if they can remember any of these actions when you share these words with them at home.

The stars of the day this week were Myles, Carter, Poppy and Robyn– well done to you all.

Save the date: Tuesday 24th October, all parents are invited into Preschool for a ‘Stay and Play event’ (8.30 – 11.30) where you will play alongside your child, experience the morning routine, join in with a sponsored event and then explore communication with your child in a ‘Coffee, cake and communicate’ session, alongside the school speech therapy team. We hope you can make it.

Don’t forget to send a family photo in to Preschool to be included in the Home Corner.