Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Autumn days…


Before the half term holiday the Little Acorns were busy investigating natural autumnal resources. We collected beautiful leaves that had fallen from the trees and enjoyed using pumpkins in a variety of ways – touching, smelling and even decorating them.

The theme of Autumn continued, but lots of our talk and circle time has been used to also discuss fireworks and bonfires.

The children have enjoyed creating pictures of fireworks in the night sky and building our own ‘safe’ bonfire in the builders tray.

We used brightly coloured scarves to help move our bodies about like bright fireworks and have used our best singing voices to learn our rhyme of the week “zoom, zoom, zoom”.
We even built our own rocket to blast us into space!

The children also took some time to create a wreath of poppies – what a wonderfully busy first week back!