Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Autumn is all around the Acorns

This week in the Acorn Preschool, the children have explored the changes they can see and feel around them as we enter into Autumn. In the investigation area the children have been exploring the different textures of the ‘Autumn treasures’ such as conkers, various leaves and cones. They have developed their vocabulary to describe smooth, bumpy, spikey, soft and crunchy. In the maths area, the children were counting with conkers.


The song of the week – “Autumn Leaves are Falling Down” – also built on the children’s understanding of the changes that are happening in the world around them. On Wednesday, during our Welly Walk, we collected our own Autumn treasures, and even lay down to look up through the trees and even experienced some leaves falling down on top of us!  Part of the Welly Walk allowed for us to assess if the children can manage putting their own coats on for themselves. It is important to build in little steps that encourage independence, and putting a coat on independently is a good first step. (Most children can do this!). Starting the zip for your child and asking them to finish it off is the next step (many children found this difficult).

Talk to your child when you are out and about and encourage them to notice the leaves falling down, collect conkers, acorns, spinners and leaves. Try to give the children the opportunities to question what is happening in the world, why it is happening, asking what things are, or what they are for. In this way, they will build on their understanding and begin to make connections about their learning.

Our story of the week ‘The Gingerbread Man’ has allowed us to have great fun with using the story language in our role-play and on Thursday we baked our own gingerbread men. Unfortunately they also ran away when Mrs Alford opened the oven, so the Acorns chased after them until we found them and gobbled them up!







As the children showed an interest in Macdonalds and going through the drive-thru, we created our own drive-thru Macdonalds – completed with happy meals, burgers, wraps, chips and soft drinks.

As part of our focus on what the ‘nose’ is used for, the children explored a variety of smells and decided if they were smells that they liked, or did not like. Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate were keen favourites with many, curry and lavender seemed to split the children, and no one liked the fish sauce!


   The stars of the day this week were Aleeya, Ollie, Archie, Mia and Iris – well done to you all.


Reminder– A small number of families still have not sent in a family photo –  please could you email a family photoso that we can put this in the setting in the Home Corner.

NEXT WEEK – Trip to the farm on Wednesday 9thOctober