Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Autumn leaves are falling down

The week started, for the Acorn Preschool children, with an Autumn walk around the school grounds. We hunted for the colours of Autumn to complete our autumn bingo sheet. The children discovered many treasures outside including different coloured leaves, seeds and feathers too. The children lay down to look up through the trees and even experienced some leaves falling down on top of them!


Continuing with our colour focus, we enjoyed the story ‘Elmer Again’ – in which Elmer plays a trick on all the elephants by painting them patchwork just like him. The children have found Elmer’s tricks to be very funny, and continued to enjoy decorating their own elephants through using a variety of materials. This week we experienced drippy glue and made a 3D decorated elephant.


Alongside our story of the week, we have focused on developing the key language concepts of tall, short, fat, thin, old and young. The children are also being supported with furthering their understanding of positional language through our music and dance sessions on Friday. Waving scarves in different places helps to build on understanding of under, behind, on top, next to, side, front, back, up, down, high and low. The children really enjoy having a good move to music!


Our Maths focus this week has been on ‘I can saying my counting numbers’ and we have been working with the children from where they are up to with counting, to support them with their next steps. Counting jumps, claps, waves – anything at all will help your child to become secure and confident with saying counting numbers. We first ask for children to count to 5, then 10 and then 20. If they are secure with counting to 20, then we ask that we also begin to count backwards from 5, then 10 and eventually from 20. Nothing beats daily practice – so feel free to say counting numbers everywhere you go with your child and you will notice the progress.


Our song of the week was ‘Tommy Thumb’ which has been helping us on many levels. It supports the children with identifying their fingers and beginning to control them individually for finger separation. When singing the song in different voice sounds and volumes we also tune the children in to listening to different sounds. This is preparing them for their phonics work, which we started this week also and the children loved. We have introduced m, a, s, d, t and so feel free to point out these letters to your child in writing around them. Help them to think of words which start with that sound.


For your reference – we use Read Write Inc program to support phonic teaching at Oak View and so each letter comes with its own corresponding picture to support the production of the sound, and also a rhyme to support letter formation. Please see the website link below for more information on phonics using the Read Write Inc program.


Read Write Inc – Parent information


This week we started our ‘Share a story’ sessions. These will run every Friday at 11.15 and the children will share a variety of things with anyone who comes to the sessions. Thank you to all who turned up to the session today, and we look forward to welcoming you all in the following weeks.


Reminder – If you haven’t already sent one, please could you email a family photo so that we can put this in the setting in the Home Corner.


Stars of the day this week were Enes, Caleb, Molly, Kaiden and Louie.