Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Awesome Egyptians!

This week we have thoroughly enjoyed a ‘Portals To The Past’ Egyptian workshop! We had the opportunity to consolidate our prior knowledge (and show off our beautiful Egyptian Cartouches!), while exploring ancient and fragile artefacts. Oak class learnt about daily life and beliefs through these artefacts and discussed whether they would rather be a scribe, Pharaoh or slave!

Oak class used their reading retrieval skills to explore the information boards around the classroom, where they learnt about Egyptian Gods, foods and clothing. We even had a chance to play an ancient Egyptian  board game!

In the afternoon, Oak class became priests and removed the organs from a dead Pharaoh’s body! We learnt about how they were stored in canopic jars and how the body would have been wrapped, ready for mummification. Finally, the class learnt about the Egyptian measuring system and used this to measure each other!

I am very impressed by your hard work and enthusiasm! Well done Oak!