Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

This week the children have explored minibeasts, and in particular butterflies – as all 5 of our caterpillars emerged as beautiful painted lady butterflies. The children have enjoyed watching them flutter and fly about in their butterfly net– and have really built on their vocabulary to explain what they can see during talking time. On Tuesday we released the butterflies so that they could enjoy the warm sunny weather.


This week the children also painted their salt dough minibeasts – and were so proud to take them home to show their parents. We have been exploring all minibeasts through our story time, in which we have listened to poems using the book ‘Mad About Minibeasts’. Using this book, we have worked on a ‘guess who’ style game, where the children must work out the minibeast I am describing from the clues I give. This game has really helped them with thinking carefully about the features of the different minibeasts they know, and the children would love to play this game at home with you too.

Our song of the week was ‘Little Miss Muffett’ – which involved a spider chasing a little girl away.

As the weather has been good, we have taken our painting outside. The children have loved exploring with large movements, the patterns and shapes they make.


On Thursday, all the Acorns were so excited to go and visit their new classroom and teacher, Miss Moffatt. The children were very well behaved and showed how wonderful they are when they visited, and now they can’t wait to move into Reception.


Before the children leave Acorn Nursery, we are working really hard on building their skills to prepare them for Reception. These include writing their names (first and last name as appropriate), writing all letters, writing numbers, recognising and knowing all letter sounds, counting forwards in 1s to 10 and beyond and recognising all 3D and 2D shapes. Please help your child by working on these aspects at home too, and in this way it will ensure that they make great progress and go into Reception ready for the next stage of their learning.

Stars of the Day this week were Lacey, Jason P and Seth – well done to you all.