Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Believing, Expecting and Succeeding!

Action packed and full of adrenaline is how I’d describe this week. As many of you know this week saw us go to Pettypool where we hunted for nature’s treasure; built shelters (yes we would totally have slept in them if we’d have been allowed); scaled a 32ft climbing wall before slithering like a snake down or abseiling like a pro and smashing our challenge so kindly set by Willow class- thanks guys! The challenge set by Willow was to beat their score of 10 on the crate challenge, not only did we beat that challenge but we smashed it getting to a grand height of 15 crates! This was not the only goal we met, we conquered fears, set individual goals and beat them to, we believed we could, we expected everyone to try and wow, did we succeed!

English this week saw us becoming authors and publishing our portal stories, before moving on swiftly to discussion texts. Should school uniforms be worn did cause some controversy in Hawthorn class, however we all respected each others opinions and listened to their reasons behind this opinion whether we agreed or not.

Maths consisted of the dreaded negative numbers. We have used number lines and thermometers to help us solve a number of problems before consolidating our place value knowledge and using our reasoning skills to explain our answers.

Star of the Week- Kurtis

Learner of the Week- Amy