Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Brown Bear, Brown Bear – exploring colour with Acorns

Our book of the week this week was ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ which encouraged the children to explore the different coloured animals through a repetitively structured story. With purple cat, blue horse, white dog and black sheep, green frog, yellow duck etc bringing the story to life, the children now enjoy joining in with parts of this story using actions.  Our song of the week, ‘The Rainbow Song’ also developed the children’s understanding about the names of the many colours they see.  

We have been dancing with coloured scarves, threading to make necklaces with cotton reels and exploring paint and colour mixing. Children have also been using scissors to cut out the animals from the story.

Stars of the Day this week were Pearl, Eva, Layton and Ciaran – well done to you all.