Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?


This is what the Acorn children have been reading this week. They have use this text to help them explore all the different colours around them. With actions and words for purple cat, blue horse, white dog and black sheep, bringing the story to life, the children are now able to orally retell this story using the pictures as a story map. Show your child the following picture map and see if they can recall and retell the story.


To help with our colour knowledge the children have also explored colourful paint, colourful dancing scarves and watched a colour experiment, finding out what happens to skittles when they get wet! Some of the children even went on a colour hunt around the outdoor area to see what colours they could find. You can support your child by becoming secure with their colours by playing simple colour naming games at home.   62d5873eec364b5081355da5dba35c07-2016-09-22-11-18-48_photo

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One of the routines we have been working at this week is the carpet time routine in the morning. The children love to join in with the ‘Hello song’, before we sing the days of the week song and explore the day’s date. In all the routines at carpet time, opportunities are found to develop the children’s sense of number and counting and also their ability to listening for sounds (phonics).

To support your child with this at home, you can encourage them to count as they climb stairs, eat grapes, jump along the path or listen to you clap. If focusing on listening to sounds, see if the children can explore the sounds of words with their mouths by saying them in funny voices, or at different volumes, or even thinking of other words, which start with the same sound. We have great fun making our voices slide up and down when saying different sounds or words.


Stars of the day this week were Lacey, Seth, Lilly, Molly, and Caleb – well done to you all for your good choices.


Next week we are continuing our exploration of colour and looking forward to our trip to the farm on Tuesday. All children MUST wear wellies – it is a proper working farm.