Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Brown Bear, Brown Bear – What do you See? Colours with the Acorns


This is the book that the Acorn children have been enjoying this week. They have loved this text to help them explore all the different colours around them. With purple cat, blue horse, white dog and black sheep, bringing the story to life, the children now enjoy joining in with parts of this story using actions.  Our song of the week, ‘The Rainbow Song’ also developed the children’s understanding about the names of the many colours they see.  


We will continue with our exploration of colour next week, with a science experiment when we make our own rainbow, with children going on a colour hunt around the school, with exploration of colourful paint and dancing with coloured scarves. 


One of the routines we have been working well at this week is the morning routine for carpet time. The children are able to follow the expectation for Tidy Up time (using this tidy up music – perhaps it might help you at home)

 and then can find their own individual bug (carpet space) to sit on. We then love to join in with the ‘Hello song’, before we sing the days of the week song and explore the day’s date. We also focus on what the weather is doing. This happens everyday. Predictable routines help to make the children feel safe and secure in knowing what to expect. 


In all the routines, opportunities are found to develop the children’s sense of number and counting and also their listening for sounds (phonics). To support your child with this at home, you can encourage them to count as they climb stairs, eat sweets, jump along the path or listen to you clap. When focusing on listening to sounds, see if your child can explore sounds by making funny noises with their mouths, making animal sounds, speaking at different volumes, or even thinking of other words, which start with the same sound. We have great fun making our voices slide up and down when saying different sounds or words.


The children have also loved hanging out the washing using their little fingers to squeeze the pegs and  exploring behind little doors to see what they could find and moving their body in a variety of ways with Judo Jess.

2 special birthdays were celebrated this week. Both very pleased to turn 4.

Stars of the day this week were Daisy, Kaiden and Emilia – well done to you all for your good choices.