Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Bugs galore in Maple!

After designing and planning we have now built our bug hotel.

It is in the small playground outside the classroom. Please have a look and ask your children to explain what they did and what they used to build it.

In origami club the children had a blast making pirate hats that they then decorated!

We have been editing and publishing work in English that we have put into a class book of animals. The children really enjoyed putting special effort into their work and it looks fantastic! Ms Rimmer and Mr Clark will have the first preview next week!

The children really rose to the challenge of wearing red to show racism the red card and raise money for a local child and it really showed their creative side too!

It has been assessment week across the whole school this week and I am really pleased with the effort the children have been putting into this and how mature they have been throughout the whole week.

Finally, homework is due on a Friday so please make sure your children hand this in so they still have a chance for our homework reward at the end of term!

Miss Dunmore