Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Building our imagination…


The little Acorns continued to develop their play with the use of small world wild animals, incorporating blocks and tracks and building enclosures. All of this lovely imaginative play lent itself to a wonderful week of play which focused heavily on construction and building using a range of materials and resources throughout the setting.

Using materials for construction and block play at this level is particularly important as it offers an open-ended, creative and valuable play and learning experience for children. It offers children freedom – to explore, take apart and put back together any construction based creation they can think of.

You’ll also notice from our photographs some of the truly marvellous mark making some of our children have been demonstrating. The children have been particularly enthusiastic to make marks using whiteboards and markers, but enjoyed rubbing them away again using sponges the most!

We’ve a busy week ahead with special visitors and a sponsored toddle to look forward to and of course lots more learning through play.